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Fred Davis Talks About His Foot and Contract

Fred Davis' agent has not spoken with the Redskins yet. He's currently running and plans to do field activities in a month.


Fred Davis called into ESPN980's Inside the Locker Room today to chat several things Redskins.

Doc: What are you doing physically?

I'm doing a lot of stuff with my ankle. Treadmill workouts. 10 mphs. Incline. I should be on the field in another month. Ladder stuff. I feel really good though.

Scott Jackson: Has your agent talked to the Redskins?

Not really. They haven't really talked to him yet. Guess we're waiting for when free agency starts.

Scott: What's your preference going into free agency?

I definitely want to be here. I got drafted here. This is the place I built and made my home...I definitely want to be here. This is a good situation and finally being able to have the chance to get some Ws here is definitely a good thing...It's a business and you got to be prepared for anything.

BMitch: For you, will it come to home discount or being respected?

I know my work. The people know what I can do. If I get the opportunity, I'll fully make it happen. Money does play a part....As long as it's in the high amount and not a big decrease.

On playing with RGIII:

I didn't even get a full season with him. Watching on the sidelines during the playoffs, I knew I could have helped out in so many ways.

As much as I thought Fred was likely gone, there may not be a big market for him given the injury and previous drug suspension. Mike Shanahan clearly thinks Fred is a guy that could stay in DC:

"You'd love to see Fred back," Mike Shanahan recently told Redskins.comTV. "Any time you have an Achilles [injury] it's going to set you back. You've got to work extremely hard in the offseason, because if you can come back at 80 percent, that's still pretty good. You're shooting for 90 percent, but very seldom do you come back at 100 percent."