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5 Trade Back Scenarios

A look at 5 scenarios where the Redskins could trade back in the draft to stockpile picks.


Given the realities of their cap situation and team talent level, the Redskins have a dilemma as they have more needs than they do resources for this upcoming season. While Washington does need to find some starters and significant contributors in the early rounds, they also need to players later in the draft as well. With such a deep draft class with a large number of players who could interest the Redskins (In depth list of 3rd round or later prospects), Washington should consider trading back to increase their number of picks. Here are 5 plausible scenarios for the Redskins to increase their draft resources for this April:

(*note for picks after the 3rd round I won't use the selection number since that will change once compensation picks are awarded. I will just note where in a particular round that pick will fall)

1. San Francisco 49ers:

Trade: Redskins deal the 51st overall pick (2nd) to the 49ers for the 74th and 93rd picks in the third round, the 12th pick in the 6th round and the 31st pick in the 7th round.

-Why it could happen:

The 49ers currently have 12 selections including 5 in the top 93. They are expected to be rewarded three additional selections (likely a 4th and two 7th's) as compensatory picks that can't even be traded. San Francisco should be one of the movers and shakers of this draft as they can't come close to fitting in 15 players into their roster. While some selections could be dealt towards next year, they are likely to make some moves up in the draft as well. This trade would give them four picks in the top 2 rounds which could allow the 49ers to grab four guys who can impact their team quickly, and possibly put them over the top.

The Redskins would be trading back further than most would probably like here, but they get an extra top 100 pick which is key. While considered throw-in picks the extra 6th and 7th rounders would really help the Skins improve their depth.

2. San Francisco 49ers, Alternate Trade:

Trade: Redskins deal the 51st pick (2nd) to the 49ers for the 61st pick (2nd), the 31st pick in the 4th round and the 12th and 31st picks in the 6th round

-Why it could happen:

The 49ers have the same motivation to move up given all their extra picks. Here though they'd get to keep their other two top 100 picks, and move up to take a better prospect in the 2nd round.

The Redskins would be able to stay in the 2nd round with this trade and pick up three additional selections. Though some may prefer this scenario, remember that 4th round pick will probably be around the 127-130 range depending on compensation picks. So Washington won't likely get as much early or significant impact with this scenario. Still a good deal overall.

3. Miami Dolphins:

Trade: Redskins deal the 51st pick (2nd) to the Dolphins for the 77th pick (3rd), the 14th pick in the 4th round, 13th pick in the 5th round and the 18th pick in the 7th round.

-Why it could happen:

The Dolphins have some extra picks in this draft (2 picks in the 2nd, 3rd and 7th rounds) and are expected to pick up a compensation pick possibly in the 4th round. That gives them a lot of flexibility to target some key guys they want to bring in. While they will have another 2nd round pick just a few spots behind the Redskins, Miami could look to make a move up to ensure they land two of their guys they are targeting. A lot will depend on what happens for them in free agency and who is still in the draft, but Miami could look to move up to target an offensive weapon, offensive lineman or pass rusher.

The Redskins slide back to the 3rd round, but pick up low teen selections in the 4th and 5th rounds. That 4th round selection should be around 110-112, and could very well be a top 100 player on the Skins board who fell slightly.

4. Arizona Cardinals:

Trade: Redskins deal the 51st pick (2nd) to the Cardinals for the 69th pick (3rd), and the 6th pick in both the 4th and 6th rounds

-Why it could happen:

The Cardinals aren't a bad all-around team but they need help in three key areas: QB, OL, RB. Even if they add some free agents they should be targeting those positions early in the draft. If the right guy is sliding down the draft board at one of those spots, I'd expect Arizona to look to move up to go get him.

The Redskins would move back to the early 3rd round, and pick up an early 4th an 6th round pick for their troubles. They should easily still land a quality corner or safety with the 69th pick and a top 100 guy in that early 4th round.

5. Atlanta Falcons:

Trade: Redskins deal the 51st pick (2nd) to the Falcons for the 60th pick (2nd) the 30th pick in the 4th round, 30th pick in the 7th round and a 4th round pick in the 2014 draft.

-Why it could happen:

The Falcons are another team who should clean up with compensatory picks so expect them to try to move up some with their own selections. Atlanta has three major needs at DE, TE and RB. If the right guy is on the board they will look to jump over some teams with similar interests.

The Redskins could consider this deal despite it not bringing back as much talent this year, because help strengthen their draft picks for next year (though it's likely that 4th round pick will be very late).

What do you think? Which of these deals would you take and which would be the one you'd be most interested in?