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Daily Slop: Older 'Skins Could be cap Casualties; Do the Redskins Need Help in the Backfield?

Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web



Redskins Pass on Using Franchise Tag on Fred Davis for Second Time " CBS DC
Monday's deadline for NFL teams to use their franchise designation came and went without the Washington Redskins making a move.

The Redskins Blog | Paul Relaxing In The Heart Of Brazil

Offseason questions: Do the Redskins need help in the backfield?
The Redskins found their answer at running back last season when sixth-round pick Alfred Morris went from afterthought to second-leading rusher in the NFL. But questions remain about the team’s depth at running back.

Free Agency Ahead, Fletcher Looms Large
"I don’t really see myself playing beyond two more years," he said. "I’m really on a year-to-year basis, that’s how I look at it mentally. I don’t see myself going beyond that."

Older Redskins could be cap casualties | CSN Washington

Should the Redskins be Throwing the Football More? | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
A look at why it's okay for the Redskins to be a run first team.

Redskins Off-Season Topics: What Should the 'Skins do With Fred Davis?
With all the obstacles that are facing the Redskins this off-season, mainly the 18 million dollar salary cap penalty, many questions need to be answered.

For NFL teammates in business, trust is essential to success - Washington Times
NFL players discuss the importance of trust to the success of their business ventures.

Dallas Cowboys franchise Anthony Spencer again - ESPN Dallas
The move costs the Cowboys $10.6 million, but it is possible the sides could work out a long-term deal, according to Spencer's agent, Jordan Woy. "We will be working on a long-term deal," Woy said. "Anthony played very well last season and he would like to know he has a home here for several years."

Joe Flacco says new contract was about respect, not money
"It was never about earning the money and all that. It was about earning the respect," the Baltimore Ravens quarterback said Monday at a press conference after signing his $120.6-million deal (with $52 million guaranteed). "Definitely about earning that respect and feeling that respect around here. The fact that we got it done and that they made me [the highest-paid player] definitely makes me feel good about how we played and how they feel about me."

Ed Reed And Eddie Money Sang "Two Tickets To Paradise" And It Was An Uncomfortable Mess
Singing Eddie Money's "Two Tickets To Paradise" sort of became Ed Reed's thing during the Ravens' Super Bowl run. He sang at the send-off before the game and at the celebration in Baltimore after the win. And probably a million times in between in the shower, too—stupid Geico commercial—but this, this was not necessary.

The Danger of the Contract Restructure - Over the Cap
Looking at the effects that contract restructures have on the future of a teams salary cap

Positions the Redskins Can Find Value Late in the draft-

A look at some of the positions the Redskins can find the most value later in the draft.