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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup

Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web


Five Thoughts: London Fletcher |
I don’t know if London Fletcher is going to retire or not. Teammates lean toward him returning, but that’s just a guess on their part based on their belief that he can still play at a certain level. And Fletcher told the NFL Network, in essence, that if he’s healthy he’ll likely return.

Gibbs’ Retirement Shocked, Crippled Redskins " CBS DC
Joe Gibbs’ retirement from the Redskins 20 years ago tomorrow was a thunderbolt. After all, Gibbs was only 52 and had just guided Washington to its eighth playoff berth in his 12 seasons. And the season before that, Gibbs had won his third Super Bowl in a decade.

Safety Tanard Jackson remains under contract to Redskins
Jackson still must be reinstated by the NFL in order to be eligible to play next season. According to a written statement released by the league last August, when Jackson was suspended without pay, he is eligible for reinstatement beginning Aug. 31, 2013. While a member of the Buccaneers in 2010, Jackson was suspended indefinitely for violating the substance abuse policy and missed all but two games that year and six games in 2011. In 2009, he was suspended and missed four games.

Need to Know: Sundberg needs a deal - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
One of the least talked-about Redskins free agents is Nick Sundberg. The long snapper is a restricted free agent and with eight days to go before free agency starts he does not yet have a contract.

Could Cyprien step in and start for the Redskins? | CSN Washington
The name most frequently linked to the Redskins is Johnathan Cyprien, a 6 foot, 217-pound Florida International product who can play both free and strong safety. "My biggest strength is leadership, communication and tackling, being physical," Cyprien said at last week’s scouting combine in Indianapolis. "Things I need to work on, I want to get better on all those things all the time.

To do business, Redskins will have to cut over $13 million off of cap - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
With the announcement that the 2013 salary cap would be $123 million, the Redskins, assuming that they will be unable to appeal or sue their way into regaining their penalized $18 million in salary cap space, are technically about $3 million over the salary cap. One simple move such as the lowering of DeAngelo Hall’s $7.5 salary to something more in line with his market value, somewhere around $3 million or so, would get them under the cap. But, in...

Point-Counterpoint: Is Fred Davis a Luxury? | CSN Washington
Davis, 27, will become an unrestricted free agent on March 12. Although estimates vary, he will likely command a multi-year contract with a salary that will strain the cap-strapped Redskins’ budget. Should the Redskins stretch their salary structure to fit Davis into it? Or should they let him walk?

It's hard to find immediate starters in the draft | CSN Washington
A lot of my friends on Twitter seem to think that if the Redskins have a strong draft they will be able to fill any holes in the starting lineup that may result from losing players as cap casualties or being unable to bring back some of their own free agents. My friends need to think again. It’s time for a little myth busting.

Eight in the Box: Quarterback situations - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Welcome to Eight in the Box, an NFL Nation feature that will appear each Friday during the offseason. This week’s topic: How each NFC East team needs to address the quarterback position.

Do 3-4 teams have an advantage over 4-3 teams in kick/punt return coverage? – Blogging the bEast

Flacco wins money game, but what of him as player? - Washington Times

Flacco agreed to a six-year, $120.6 million deal Friday after leading the Baltimore Ravens to the Super Bowl title. He gambled by playing out his five-year rookie contract rather than renegotiate before last season. And it paid off, catapulting him to the top of the money list at the game’s glamor position.

Female NFL tryout ends amid accusations it was business promotion - Washington Times

But many suspect a promotional stunt. She spent much of the lead-up to her Sunday tryout promoting her business during various media interviews. And on the field on Sunday, she reportedly gave minimal effort. She didn’t take any practice kicks and actually asked three other kickers how best to approach the ball during the kicks, USA Today reported

Should the Redskins be throwing more? -

A look at why being a running team is probably a good thing for the Redskins and why we shouldn't expect that to change.