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Washington Redskins 2013 NFL Draft Profile: Joseph Fauria

The Washington Redskins aren't known for height. They could erase those thoughts with UCLA's Joseph Fauria who is 6'7".

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Measurements: 6-7
Projected Round: 5

Why he would be a good Redskin
At 6-7, Joseph Fauria's height dominates the center lane of any short yardage play. It's ridiculous height, not adding his jumping abilities. With the re-signing of Fred Davis, the Redskins need a convincing backup to step in if Davis is unable to start, or injured again. He has the hands: In 2012 Fauria caught 46 for 637 yards and 12 touchdowns. Oh yeah, he soars over Davis, who is only 6-4. Fauria could find his place somewhere on the "A Squad" as a backup for Davis easily if selected. As an added bonus, Fauria knows how to block, and it's an impressive sight to see.

Why he won't get drafted by the Redskins
Fauria's highlight reels show one possible flaw his way to being drafted by the Redskins: He's a leaper, and leaping over people keeps coaches on edge. Furia's decision-making on the field would be discussed, and he would have scale back if he were to don the burgundy and gold. Speed is also an issue. Running the 40 at 4.85, he's not a fast guy. He can get you to the promised land but don't look for a lot of extra yards.

Bottom Line (Final Thoughts)
Fauria could be the next big thing for the Redskins (no pun intended), and become a desired target for Robert Griffin III. His height also makes him a perfect closer in the redzone. He could be also be a good roleplayer with his blocking abilities, and his height would be a welcomed addition. This is a player that could be a great Second down guy.