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Fred Davis to Visit Jets, Completes Trifecta of Teams with Terrible QBs

Fred Davis will visit the NY Jets this week in addition to his past visits with the Bills and Browns....all teams with terrible QBs.

Patrick McDermott

The "Where will Fred Davis land" drama continues to drag out as Fred Davis now has a planned stop to visit the NY Jets. So, let's take a look at the QB options for Fred Davis' 2013 free agency rounds:

Cleveland: Brandon Weeden, Jason Campbell, Colt McCoy
Bills: Tarvaris Jackson, Aaron Corp, Brad Smith
Jets: Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow
Redskins: Robert Griffin III

At this point of free agency, Fred is out of options and I think it'd be best for him to sign a 1-year deal and prove his health, which is the exact scenario that paid off for Laron Landry. If that's the route Fred goes with, why would he sign with the Bills, Browns, or Jets? Surely, Bruce and Mike know this and are standing firm with their offer.

Let's be real too. The three, fore-mentioned teams are dysfunctional ala the Jim Zorn Redskins. I've had the chance to talk to more than one NFL free agent this year that said the Jets were off their list because they didn't want to play for a circus. Surely, Fred has to feel that way too. Fred Davis led the Redskins in targets before he got injured and that sound like the ticket to a 2014 pay day.

"This is the team I got drafted to. This is all I know," Davis said last week during an interview on NFL Network, per "And we're finally starting pick it up, get all the right pieces to [contend.]"

Laron Landry surely can tell Fred the truth of how messed up the Jets are. I can't imagine Fred using the Jets as anything but leverage for more money with the Redskins. Sorry, Fred, the Redskins have no cap room. Does Fred sound like he wants to come back to D.C.? This quote surely seems so:

"If anything, they're cheating of me if they don't bring me back," Davis said when asked if he felt guilty about speaking with other teams on the Pro Football Central podcast this week.