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Ryan Kerrigan to Throw 1st Pitch for Richmond Squirrels Home Opener

Ryan Kerrigan will be attending the Squirrels' home opener along with ex-Braves' star, Javy Lopez. Here's a collection of D.C. athlete first pitches. It's not pretty.


Being able to watch ceremonial first pitches at games are something I love 1000x more than I should. I'm pretty sure it started after watching Mariah Carey attempt one in Japan after strutting out in five inch heels and throwing the ball directly down into the ground.

The Richmond Flying Squirrels are the Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants for those that are wondering. I can't say I'll be there, but I look forward to the YouTube video of the replay. I did a few searches on the interwebs via the Google machine trying to find any link between Ryan Kerrigan and baseball and nothing came up. I was also quite surprised to see YouTube is Sahara dry of any Redskins' players throwing first pitches. I did find this long-range, cell phone camera video of Darrell Green throwing a strike at a Nats game. And there is this video of Lavar Arrington bounce passing his first pitch. But where are the (imaginary) videos of:

  • RGIII throwing a 101 mph splitter for a perfect strike?
  • Jason Campbell throwing it over the catcher's head?
  • Portis throwing it submarine style?
  • Brunell bounce passing it in to the catcher?
  • John Beck throwing a strike then hitting the front of the mound like this.
I could do these all day. The thing is, DC athletes have not done too well with first pitches. Here's Ovechkin south-pawing his pitch about 10 feet too high at an O's game:

Sure, these next two clips are Wizards and guys who grew up playing street ball, but none the less, they are athletes and should be able with a few tips and practice throw a baseball 60 feet and 6 inches.

John Wall bounce-passing it outside the batters box:

Caron Butler threw one of the worst first pitches of all time, but amazingly all video evidence has been erased from the internet. How is this possible? Even the link is not working for me.

One option for Kerrigan is to go the Bill Murray route and either throw it into the upper deck:

Or round all the bases and slide into home: