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Ranking the Redskins Offensive Line

How do the Washington Redskins starters and back-ups rank along the offensive line.


The Washington Redskins offensive line had their best year last season under Mike Shanahan, but it was still a mix bag overall. Allowing far too many pressures, defenders contracting Alfred Morris around the line of scrimmage and of course too many penalties, all held the line back from being a bigger strength of this team. The question becomes though where exactly this line ranks, from an individual perspective. I came up with a tier system looking at where various players project, based on both their past performance as well as what can be reasonably expected of them for 2013.

For my Full breakdown of the players and why they rank where they do check out the following:

Offensive Tackle Rankings | Interior Offensive line Rankings

Tier 1:

Description- Top level starter, absolute lock to both make the team and start. Won't face any competition for his job.

Applicable Redskins: Trent Williams

Tier 2:

Description- Quality starter who may have some minor struggles in a given year, but overall is a good football player. Should both easily make the team and start.

Applicable Redskins: Will Montgomery

Tier 3:

Description- Passable starter, can play the position and be okay, but won't consistently play at a high level. Will be streaky throughout the season and over the course of many seasons. Depending on position would be better served as a good role player, or would be the best reserve player at a position. Should make the team, though not a lock and should face competition for a starting job.

Applicable Redskins: Chris Chester

Tier 4:

Description- Replacement level starter. This is a guy who could start in a pinch or as a long-term injury replacement but will max out as an average starter, and will probably be below average. He's a guy who could be okay as a short term filler, but over an extended period will struggle. Depending on position could be a solid player, or would be a good back-up. Has a decent chance to make the team, and could get a look at a starting job, but nothing is set in stone for him.

Applicable Redskins: Tony Pashos, Kory Lichtensteiger

Tier 5:
Description- Solid back-up caliber player. Shouldn't really ever start, and would be below average in that capacity, but can be a short term injury replacement. Shouldn't even be much of a role player depending on the position, their best value is in their reliability as a replacement. Depending on the position, should be capable of backing up multiple positions or roles to increase their value. Has a chance to make the team, but really shouldn't be considered a starting option at all.

Applicable Redskins: Tyler Polumbus, Josh LeRibeus, Maurice Hurt, Adam Gettis, Tom Compton

Tier 6:

Description- Replacement level player. Not considered at all for a starting role, and isn't even considered a viable back-up. Really only has a shot to make the team if injuries thin out the competition. Overall has a poor chance to make a roster, and is a player who will likely be replaced during the season.

Applicable Redskins: Jeremy Trueblood


-While there is no doubt that players could exceed these levels, likelihood weighed in heavily with these evaluations. While everyone would love for some of the young guys to pick their games up, their stock isn't that high, they are unfortunately more likely to washout (i.e. Erik Cook, Selvish Capers, and Willie Smith for example) then develop into a top 3 level guy.

-From an offensive line perspective you'd obviously like to see all 5 of your starters in the top three tiers. While you can find various successful offensive lines out there, structured in a number of ways. I think ideally you'd like to see two Tier one guys and two tier two guys. You can probably get by with one tier one and three tier two guys, but it obviously wouldn't be as strong.

-Chris Chester was the toughest to rank, and really is a borderline guy between tier 2 and tier 3. I went with the lower ranking, because that is what the breadth of his career would indicate.

What are your thoughts on the offensive line? Does this change the thought process of adding a higher tiered tackle, despite the recent signings? How would you rank the Redskins line based on the following tiers?