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Redskins Tight End Fred Davis Has Dinner With Bills


ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting this morning that Redskins tight end Fred Davis had dinner with the Buffalo Bills last night.

Now there are a lot of different views on this. Some people think this is just a negotiating ploy by Davis to get the Redskins to up their offer, after all, Davis has nothing to lose from having a free dinner with the Bills.

In support of this view, John Keim excellently points out that agents don't typically allow pass-catching clients like Davis to sign with teams with questionable quarterback situations.

But at the same time, Davis showed he can be productive regardless of the quarterback having put up good numbers with Rex Grossman throwing him the ball. I would also add that Davis could be tempted to join a team willing to pass the ball more. The foundation of the Redskins offense is the run game. While Davis improved as a run blocker, he's far from 'elite' in that aspect. As a receiving tight end, I'm sure he'd much prefer to be out running routes and breaking tackles than trying to seal an edge. If a team like the Bills can offer him more receptions, or more importantly, more money, then Davis could be on the move.

There are certainly plenty of different perspectives to this story and it will be interesting to see where it leads. While we all would love Fred Davis back in a Redskins uniform, it appears as if he has other suitors to potentially drive him out of the Redskins price range.

Update: Schefter is now reporting that Davis is scheduled to meet with the Bills on Wednesday with the Jets and Redskins also interested.