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This is What Josh Wilson Says His Bracket Looks Like

Josh Wilson sums up his feelings about his bracket in one perfect Instagram post.

Josh Wilson, via Instagram

It's day three of March Madness, which means everybody's bracket is completely destroyed. And if it's not, I'm not interested in hearing about how it isn't.

Know who else probably isn't? Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson, who summed up what my (and pretty much everyone else's) bracket looks like with a picture and caption he posted on his Instagram after a night of upsets.

Two sacks of dirty diapers, or one for each team in my final four that got eliminated on Friday (thank you, Georgetown and Wisconsin).

Either way, congratulations to the lucky members of this readership who weathered the diapery mess that was last nights round of games, and still find him/herself in good shape. Enjoy the games today, and here's hoping your brackets don't get crapped on.