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Play Hogs Haven Bracket Challenge

Join your fellow Hogs Haven members in the HH Bracket Challenge!

Chris Chambers

Just because the Washington Redskins is our common bond, doesn't mean we can't see who knows college basketball the best (or is just the luckiest) in a little friendly competition! If you agree, then join the Madness and play the HogsHaven Bracket Challenge on We've set up a HogsHaven League to compete against each other! Best part is it's 100% free!

Besides bragging rights on HogsHaven, the top 3 players on the entire Fanspeak Challenge win Amazon giftcards, so you're eligible for that as well!


1. Visit Fanspeak Bracket Challenge
2. Click "Click Here to Register"
3. Fill out your name, email address and create password...that simple!
4. Click Leagues
5. Under Join a Public League, click green Join button beside HogsHaven Bracket Challenge

If you have any questions, email Good luck making your picks!! Happy March Madness!

Want some help on picking the upsets this year? Check out our infographic below:

How Many Upsets Will There Be in Round 1 of NCAA Tournament? From