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Redskins MockThree Draft Results

A look at how the MockThree draft turned out for the Redskins.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

I was fortunate enough to be the G.M. of the Redskins in the MockThree draft that took place a week ago. For those who don't know how it works, the draft is set up where teams can trade with one another and draft their team's entire draft online. There is a lot of time between picks which allows plenty of time to work on deals, and it simulates concerns about worrying that some other team in need of a particular player may jump you in the draft to steal him. I was fortunate enough to be joined in this endeavor by fellow Hogs Haven members UKRedskin, HogHunter, Skinzaholic56, and JonathanjTurrell. Here is the draft that we were able to create with some thoughts at the end: For analysis on each pick go Here.

2nd Round 51st pick: CB Darius Slay, Mississippi State

3rd Round 93rd pick (after a trade back that netted us an extra 6th and 7th round pick): C Brian Schwenke, Cal

4th Round 116th pick: S Tony Jefferson, Oklahoma

4th Round 118th pick (trade up with a 5th and 6th round pick): S T.J. McDonald, USC

5th Round 155th pick: OT Oday Aboushi, UVA

6th Round 181st pick: TE Nick Kasa, Colorado

7th Round 210th pick: RB/WR Theo Riddick, Notre Dame

7th Round 212th pick: WR Rodney Smith, FSU

Some notes:

-This draft was conducted as free agency was starting, we for instance made the Schwenke pick before Kory Lichtensteiger was re-signed.

-We decided to go corner in the 2nd round over safety because we felt it represented the better value, and that we'd be able to land a safety later. Some of our top targets were off the board in the 3rd for safety, but there was still very quality depth, which allowed us to grab Schwenke.

-A big part of the reason that we traded back in the 3rd was to execute a two pick 4th round like we ended up doing. There was so much talent falling that we felt we could land another guy we really liked.

-To move back 8 spots in the third round, we were essentially able to trade up an entire rounds worth (late 5th up to late 4th), to get a guy we wanted, and pick up an extra depth pick in the late 7th.

-Obviously we could have gone in a number of different directions, but felt that adding secondary help early was key, and that bolstering the line and blocking was next on the list. Later we felt we could add some weapons for the offense in a versatile guy like Riddick and a big tall receiver like Smith. Nick Kasa is someone we felt would help both in the blocking and receiving areas for this team, especially down the road.

All the MockThree drafts were graded by Matt Miller and here is what he had to say about our effort:

Washington Redskins

Note: Draft occured before free agency. All grades were assigned as if Free Agency hadn't occured yet.

With limited picks thanks to the trade that netted Robert Griffin III, the Redskins had to either sit and wait or mortgage their future for earlier picks. They wisely waited. The team focused on the secondary early with Darius Slay and Tony Jefferson, two instant-impact style players who upgrade obvious weaknesses on the roster. Brian Schwenke in Round 3 was a smart pick-up as a center and/or guard prospect the team added after trading down. T.J. McDonald is an interesting fit opposite Tony Jefferson, but you can't deny that the team needs talent at the position. Right tackle is a weak-link and Oday Aboushi in Round 5 could come in and see reps there early. Nick Kasa is a solid pass catcher and No. 2 tight end project. The Redskins were hand-cuffed from the get go, but this is a strong draft class when you factor in what was available for the GM to work with.

Matt Miller - @nfldraftscout

Grade: B

So what do you think? Would you be happy with this draft? What grade would you have given it?

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