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Cheaper Free Agent Options for the Redskins: Defense

A look at some cheaper free agent options for the Washington Redskins in the secondary.


The Redskins are in need of quite a few secondary additions and not all of them can come through the draft. While they could clear some cap room for maybe a moderate signing a lot of options are running out. Here are some corners and safeties who the Redskins could get on the cheap that would help upgrade the roster. For my full list of bargains go here (note: Ryan Mundy is now signed) Also remember the contracts that I'm suggesting are the max, if you can get them for less, which seems possible of course you do it.


Terrence Newman-

Newman has had a pretty distinguished career and is coming off a nice bounce back season in Cincinnati. He's going to be 35 next season so his contract demands should be low (he's coming off a league minimum deal), but he could be a good one or two year short term solution. He may not be an every down corner but could come in on sub packages, and probably be on the field at least 60% of the time

Most I'd offer: 2 year $4.5 million, with $1.5 guaranteed, and only $1.5 million in the first year

Rashean Mathis-

Mathis was a good starting corner in this league before suffering an ACL injury late in 2011 season. Last year he struggled while returning from the injury and was only able to start 4 games. Being his second year back from the injury, his play should improve. He will be 33 next year so it's a short term fix, but he does offer nice size at 6'1". He's one of the few corners out on the market with some size and should be able to be a decent outside option.

Most I'd offer: 1 year $1.5 million deal, with $250K guaranteed


Nate Clements-

Clements has put together a really nice career as a corner, but was moved to safety last year with the Bengals (he also played some corner still as well). Clements could represent a nice veteran stopgap for a team at free safety. He may no longer be a top cover guy, but he still gets the job done despite being 33. He's got solid size and should continue to help at corner a little as well for certain match-ups. Between his versatility and quality of play he'd be a great option for the Redskins.

Most I'd offer: 2 years $5.5 million deal, with $2.5 million guaranteed, and $2 million in the first year

Corey Lynch-

Lynch has been a career back-up and special teamer, but got some starts last year due to injury for the Chargers and performed pretty well. He'll be 28 this up-coming season, but could be an above average safety, and special teamer. He's got a little upside and should be a pretty solid cheaper option for the Redskins. He represents one of the few guys not coming back from injury or with age concerns and could be a multi-year player for the Redskins.

Most I'd offer: 3 years $7.5 million, with $1.5 million guaranteed, and $2 million in the first year.

So what do you think?