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Laron Landry gets Paid; Signs Big Deal with Colts

Jason LaCanfora reports Landry's $24M deal with the Colts is over 4 years and includes $14M guaranteed. He is surely Laroning.

This is bitter sweet news for Redskins fans. Laron Landry was an often-injured player who played great in the box, struggled in coverage, and will be remembered for flexing his muscles after making a big tackle that resulted in a first down for the opponent.

Mike Shanahan and the Redskins medical staff thought surgery was the best way to cure him. A procedure that would take a year and half to rehab. Landry decided not to and that paid off big.

After signing a one-year deal with the Jets, he played all 16 games,had 100 tackles, four FFs, 2 INTs, and a Pro Bowl nod.

He took a risk and won. Can't be anything but happy for him and scratch our head at our medical staff for letting a first round pick leave. It hurts especially since the Redskins are so safety starved. Either way, congrats to Dirty 30.