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Cheap Offensive Free Agents For the Washington Redskins

A look at some cheaper offensive free agent options for the Washington Redskins this offseason.

Could Jones be a fit for the Redskins?
Could Jones be a fit for the Redskins?
Tom Pennington

With the Redskins feeling the salary cap pinch they need to get thrifty with their dollars this year. Despite that they could use some upgrades at a number of positions on guys that wouldn't require a big investment. These are all players are guys who should be able to be signed for 1-3 years and under $3.5 million a year average (and most likely less). Here is a guy at each position that would fit the bill for the Redskins (full a full list of options on offense go here):

Running back:

Felix Jones-

Jones has been a bit of a bust and dealt with some injury issues, but should be considered as a viable number two back. He's done some returning in the past, but will primarily help out as a change of pace back. He's got exceptional speed and could be a big play option for the Redskins, and would fit in especially well given their pistol attack.

What I'd offer: 2 years $4.25 million with $2 million guaranteed, and $1.25 million this year.

Tight End:

Kevin Boss-

Boss might not be the big play TE most Redskins are hoping for, but he's always shown good hands, been an effective red zone target, and has a strong career yards per reception. On top of that he's always been considered a very good blocking tight end and should help boost the Redskins running game. Injuries are a concern and will keep his price tag low, but if he's healthy he could be an excellent value.

What I'd offer: 2 years $4 million, $1.25 million guaranteed, with $1 million this year.

Wide Receiver:

Julian Edelman-

Edelman could be a great utility player for the Redskins. He's a good punt returner and all around special teamer. He also has shown some potential as a slot receiver as well. He also has some potential in the specialty role the Redskins tried to use for Brandon Banks last year (though only actually being productive). Given that the Redskins could potentially lose receivers Santana Moss, Josh Morgan and Dez Briscoe after next season to free agency, they could view Edelman as a cheap depth option, who can help in a number of areas with at least some potential to take on a bigger role going forward.

What I'd offer: 3 year $10 million deal, with $4 million guaranteed. Have him only count $1 million this year to fit him under the cap.

Offensive Tackle:

Robert Turner-

Turner has been considered a pretty solid depth offensive lineman, and special teamer for a couple of years now. Due to injury he took on a starting role for the Rams last season and had a pretty solid year. He played primarily on the inside, but is considered versatile enough to play any position along the offensive line. He would give the Redskins a guy who in one season has more offensive snaps than their entire current group of back-up offensive linemen (Hurt, LeRibeus, Gettis, Compton) have put together. Even if he doesn't win the starting right tackle job he'd be a very effective back-up option.

What I'd offer: 3 year deal at $7.5 million, with $3.5 million guaranteed. Have him count only about $750K against the cap this season.

For $4 million this year the Redskins could fill these four positions without significantly burdening their cap in years to come. What do you think? Would these signings make sense? What about some of the other bargain free agents, who would you target?