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Love The Redskins? Want To Write About Them? Hogs Haven Is Looking For Writers

We're looking for a few good men and/or women to help keep us afloat on breaking news and add a creative voice. If you're on.

As the "offseason" season begins in earnest, we are looking to add a new voice or two to the team here at Hogs Haven. There will be lots of ground to cover and as many angles and opinions on each event as there are dollars in Dan Snyder's bank account. The staff we have right now is among the best in the entire network, but we think we could use a bit more content to adequately cover our favorite team.

If you're interested in writing for Hogs Haven, please draft a post on anything Redskins-related and e-mail it to In terms of what to write, be creative and write about what you know and like the most. It can be fiction, breaking news-style or commentary on a past or current event. Really, it can be anything, as long as it's original and centers on your Washington Redskins.

We would like to see the newest addition to our team commit to manning the twitter feeds and putting out news stories during the day. We realize that there will be lulls, but there will also be days when there's a ton to post about. If you submit an entry for consideration, please do so with the knowledge that you'd likely be on the hook for somewhere around 5-10 posts each week, though most of those posts will be of the quick-hitting, shorter variety.

Punctuation, spelling, grammar, and all those sorts of things matter! While we have the capability to edit posts, it's no fun to have to rewrite or excessively correct things that are capable of being caught before a post is published. We can't stress enough the importance of proofreading your entry.

Compensation: Several of our writers have gone on to receive compensation to work at Hogs Haven as well as SB Nation over the years, but available positions are currently unpaid. Depending on your work, dedication and talent, there are always opportunities for talented writers with high enthusiasm and overall creativeness.

We are looking to get the new voice(s) up and writing here by the end of March at the latest, so let's say that all entries need to be submitted by Wednesday, March 20. We'll include other members of the staff in the decision on who to bring on-Kevin and I will not be the only ones reading and reviewing these!

Thank you in advance for your entries. It is a fun team to be a part of here at Hogs Haven and we look forward to mixing it up a little.