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Redskins, Cowboys, other teams showing interest in DeAngelo Hall

The Redskins released DeAngelo Hall on Monday, but are open to having him return to the team at a discounted price.

Tom Pennington

Barely 24 hours after the Redskins officially released DeAngelo Hall, the team has reached out to him in hopes he will sign with the team at a discounted price.

Hall's old contract with the Redskins had him set to make $7.5 million in 2013 and $9 million in 2014. Releasing him without restructuring was a move that a team in such a dire financial position like the Redskins would have had to make, though the team is still open to having Hall return.

However, according to NBC4's Dan Hellie, Hall also has interest from Tampa Bay, New England, Atlanta, Detroit, Minnesota, the New York Giants and most cringe-worthy for Redskins fans-- the Dallas Cowboys. Given the Redskins tight cap situation and other teams' widespread interest, it's likely that the Redskins could get outbid for Hall's services this time around.

Hellie also reported that should Hall sign with Dallas, the team is interested in converting him to free safety. At this time, the Cowboys have just Charlie Peprah, Danny McCray and Eric Frampton under contract at the safety position.

An earlier report surfaced that Hall had already agreed with terms with the Detroit Lions, but it has since been confirmed false.