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Madden 25 Cover Vote has Begun: RGIII vs Ryan Tannehill

ESPN is hosting the voting process for who will become the next cover for Madden, RGIII is a #1 seed.

It's that time of year again. The Madden cover contest has begun and as expected RGIII is a favorite to be on it. Since it's a fan poll, it's hard to imagine though that RGIII will beat out Adrian Peterson. Here's the full bracket for those want to check it out and/or vote.

Last December, RGIII was asked about being on the Madden cover :

I'm not superstitious. I don't believe in curses, but I think our fans would be highly upset if I got on the cover, so it's something...I'll tackle that issue when it comes up.

Well, it's not quite time yet for Bob to tackle it. Here's the path of people RGIII would face being a #1 seed in the "New School" conference:

Round 1: Ryan Tannehill (lopsided win)
Round 2: Doug Martin or Matt Stafford (lopsided win vs either)
Round 3: Either Ray Rice or Dez Bryant (it'd be close vs Ray Rice)
Round 4: Adrian Peterson and Rob Gronkowski would be the likely candidates here.

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If RGIII clears through all that, he'd then go head to head vs the winner of the "Old School" bracket, which features Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Barry Sanders and Clinton Portis. Anyone see Portis beating Marshall Faulk in the first round besides iH8Dallas and Ken Meringolo?

Ah yes, but the Madden curse? I think RGIII has this one right. After all, Calvin Johnson was on the cover last year and played all 16 games with 1,964 yards receiving.

(H/T @Paul_YourEDM)