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Bruce Allen on Salary Cap Penalty: "It's a Travesty of Fairness"

Redskins HC Mike Shanahan and GM Bruce Allen addressed the media this afternoon to discuss the state of the team on the eve of free agency.

Win McNamee

Bruce Allen spoke first and answered some questions. The highlights:

  • Regarding the course of action for the salary cap penalty, "there's been some wild speculation. We never contemplated a lot of the creative ideas I've been reading."
  • "Travesty of fairness": We learned a year ago that the players and league reached an agreement to take our cap money. According to Goodell and all NFL lawyers, we did not violate any rules or regulations in 2011.
  • "We were never told or warned that two years later the league and NFL would reach an agreement to punish us."
  • "As we stated before and confirmed by the NFL, every contract in the 2010 season was approved by the players' association and league."
  • "We haven't got an answer yet on how they reached that penalty number."
  • "They've used the terms 'competitive balance.' We just came out of the 4th straight year in last place as the NFC East. 18th in cap room." (And then the Redskins drafted RGIII and without notice the penalty came in).
  • I want to assure you and the fans that the team is looking forward to improve from last year. We are not going to allow this to be a distraction for next year.
  • We are not planning a lawsuit against the NFL. We never contemplated a lawsuit.
  • "There's nothing to overturn. The League and NFLPA made an agreement." He did not believe there was a collusion. "We hold both sides accountable."
  • Oakland and New Orleans did not receive some of the cap penalty bail out, which Bruce said he did not know why.
  • "There are still some options [moving forward]. We just want to know the truth."

Mike Shanahan:

  • "DeAngelo has done of everything we asked. He got better each year and did a lot of the little things. It's tough on me to tell these players for the's tough to share. As I told DHall, he was graceful and understood the position we were in."
  • "If you took $36 million off other teams, you'd see some of their best players gone."
  • "I have a lot of hope we can get money back. We did nothing wrong. You never know what can happen."t
  • On a DHall paycut: "He deserves a fair chance of open market value. I want to take care of the players who take care of us. We'll see how it goes." [asked if he'd take Hall back] "Yes, definitely."
  • "We're not restructuring Moss at this time." (still could happen)
  • "Robert is doing well. Working out six to seven hours a day. He's ahead of schedule, which means his muscles are stronger. Will he start week 1? I have no idea...I'll know in July."
  • [On Fred Davis] "He's not ready yet, but will be ready for the season."
  • "Rak is feeling great and will be ready to go. He's working out in Austin with Keenan Robinson."
  • "We're 1 million under the cap right now."
  • "You want to reward the guys that took care of you." (on signing all but one of their RFAs)
  • On London Fletcher: "He is not a guy I'd talk to about taking a pay cut. He's full speed ahead he plays at a very high level. I'm excited he's getting himself ready. I'm looking forward to him leading our team on defense."