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Interview with Todd Herremans Talking Charity, Chip Kelly, and Redskins Pass Rush

Todd Herremans is promoting the first event for his new charitable foundation and I got the chance to speak to him about that, Chip Kelly, the health of his foot, and just how good are Orakpo and Kerrigan.

Todd visits Seaside Heights in the wake of Hurricane Sandy
Todd visits Seaside Heights in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

I had the pleasure this afternoon to chat with eight year, Eagles OLine veteran, Todd Herremans, about a variety of topics including the launch of his new charitable foundation, his thoughts on Orakpo and Kerrigan as pass rushers, the status of his foot, and Chip Kelly.

The Herremans Foundation will be having its' first event, Thursday, March 28th at the Linc for any Philly fans or residents that wish to attend. Todd has been everywhere in the Philly community much like Lorenzo Alexander for the Redskins, so it was a pleasure to hear about that and do anything I can to help promote it.

It's hard to believe you've been in the league eight years already, what took so long to setup a foundation? (half-kidding)

Todd: You know....I never really considered myself that big of an influence to have an event and raise money and benefit someone. I thought I was someone that was under the wire and no one would come. The past couple years walking down the street people say hi...people do recognize me and the name...let's put it to use. The last couple years we've been putting it together. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it and we have our first event in March so that will be a telling tale.

Knowing your personality, I'm kind of surprised you didn't name it: "The Todd Herreman's Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too."

(laughing) I wish I could have made it that.

Having played Guard and Tackle, do you know what your role is going to be in Chip's offense?

Well, I really don't. We can't really talk to coaches about scheme right now or where we'll be playing. I'm just trying to get in the best shape of my life and figure it out. I'll be able to play wherever. I'm not concerned about a move back to Guard. I'll be able to take that in stride. With such a high pick, the Tackle class is really good this year, especially at number four, I'm sure we could get a franchise Tackle in here which if he was ready to play right away would bump me inside. But, I have no idea whatever goes on in the war room during draft day. I'm just getting ready for the season and these minicamps coming with an open mind and ready to play wherever.

Foles and Vick are completely different QBs. Is it easier to block for mobile QBs or a pocket-passer?

I think they both have their ups and downs. Sometimes it's great knowing where they are going to be but then other times your guy gets to where they are and you both won't be able to get out of that and make you look good. I had my fair share of both of those.

Vick had a lot of fumbles last year.

Yea, ball security was a big problem for us this year. I think a lot of that was asking Mike to do too much and there was a lot of pressure on him. That was last year, we're all looking forward to the upcoming season. The new staff has great energy around the facility right now.

Charley Casserly said Chip's offense won't work because you can't get million dollar guys to practice and play with that tempo every day.

My thoughts on that are pretty simple. If we can win doing it, then why not? I'll buy into it. The idea is to win. If he can get college kids to buy into and win with it, why can't we? The roster we have built up, there aren't too many guys that are gonna say, "Hey do you want to win? No." There's no guys in our locker room that would say no. If what he's going to tell you is going to put you in the right spot to win, then why not?

A big frustration for Redskins fans is the lack of pass rush with Kerrigan and Orakpo. It seems like they're 2-move guys and the numbers just aren't there.

I think they're very good pass rushers. In the 3-4, you don't really need too many moves. The bull sets up the spin. They're both very good athletes. It doesn't seem like they're preset on a move. They're seeing what the Tackle gives them and if the Tackle gives them too high they're going to bull into him. If he's going to be heavy outside foot then they're going to spin inside. I don't really see them as two-move players.

I talked to former Redskins great, Charles Mann, who wants to teach them rip, club, swim, hump moves.

The more people have in their arsenal the better they can be. Usually you just need two solid ones and as their career goes you just keep adding and adding.

Who is the toughest guy to block in the NFC East?

I've got two different types of people I'm going against...the inside and outside. Right now, the person I've struggled with the latest is Paul-Pierre..or Pierre-Paul? Do I ever say that the right way? He's really good. He's so flexible and strong. It's a weird combination.

How's the foot these days? Is it 100%?

Not yet, but I'm really close. I'm rehabbing every day. I've been working out quite a bit. I started doing some rehab on the turf and stuff. We're getting there. I don't think it'll be too much longer. I don't plan on missing anything in the off-season. I should be good to go.

And this last question comes from one of my friends who's a die-hard Eagles fan: How come you never got drunk on stage at bars with Runyan and Hank Fraley singing The Gambler?

(laughing). I was too young to the scene back then. I was too green behind the ears to get up and do that but I certainly know what he's talking about.

I wish all the best to Todd with his charitable work and appreciate the time. I've been fortunate to meet and spend a lot of time with Chris Cooley, and Todd comes off very much the same. Great sense of humor and gives so much back to the community. I wish him and his foundation the best going forward. Hopefully everyone can spread the word in Philly to attend the event. Here's the link: