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Redskins Offseason Plan

A discussion on how the Redskins offseason will be shaped by their salary cap situation.

Tom Pennington

What do the Washington Redskins do this offseason? That is the question as they face a tough cap situation with a number of holes to fill.

I broke down the Washington Redskins Salary Cap Situation in a series of posts starting yesterday that generated a really good discussion. I added two more posts today that take a look at how the Redskins can get below their cap target with cuts and extensions and restructured contracts. Here are the posts to refresh you with the cap situation and to look at some various options and the costs associated with them:

Cap Breakdown

Cap Savings from Cuts

Cap Savings from extensions and restructures

The Redskins have to basically free up $16.6 million in cap room just to keep some of the back-ups and 2nd tier guys on their own team as well as have money for their draft class. This is basically a minimalist approach, and obviously isn't the most ideal if the Redskins want to defend their NFC East Title. My proposals for fixing the cap gets them well under that limit, but it does come with some future costs associated with pushing money back.

How would you manage the Redskins cap in the scenarios and using the numbers I've laid out? Who would you cut? Who would you extend/restructure? What restricted or unrestricted free agents would you bring back? And what would you do with any left over cap money?