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Should the Redskins Draft a Wide Receiver?

Making a Case for Wide Receiver in the Draft


Santana Moss is old - But Tiller, he led our receivers in touchdowns last season with eight!

Leonard Hankerson can't catch, and can't gain separation from defenders - But Tiller, he's just going into his third season, and we all know receivers take the next step after season three. Give him more time.

Josh Morgan is always injured - But Tiller, he played well for us this year, and he is such a good blocker.

Desmond Briscoe(our only receiver with plus size)sucks, and can't even see the field over a guy like Robinson - But Tiller, he's one of the youngest receivers on the team, and look what he did that one year in Tampa Bay. He just needs to get on the field, and he'll be good.

BS, BS.....................BS! I call BS to all of this!

Garcon is the only receiver worth anything on this team, and in this pass happy NFL, we need more threats opposite him to keep opposing defenses honest. Most successful teams have at least two stud receivers. The Falcons have White and Jones. The Patriots have Welker and Lloyd(well, they HAD him), not to mention 587 tight ends. The Giants have Nicks and Cruz. The Steelers have Wallace and Sanders. The Ravens(who are still more of a running team)have Bolden, Jones and Smith. The Packers have Nelson and Jennings. The Texans have Johnson and Walter. The Cowboys have Bryant and Austin. The Bengals have Green, Hawkins and Sanu. The Eagles have Macklin and Jackson. The Saints have Colston, Henderson, Moore, and some guy named Graham. Hell, even the 49ers, who are build on a solid running game, and great defense, have Crabtree, Manningham, Ginn and Moss.

Even the shitty teams in the league have solid receivers. The Chiefs have Bowe, Baldwin and McCluster. The Bills have Johnson, Smith and Nelson. The Cardinals have Fitzgerald, Floyd and Roberts. The Bucs have Jackson and Williams. Even the freakin Jaguars have Blackmon, Robinson, and Shorts.

What the hell is wrong with us!

Does anyone actually think any team in the league is going to be scared of Moss or Hankerson? How about Morgan? I can easily think of 10 number three receivers that I rather have over him as our number two.

There is a lot of quality and depth at wide receiver in this years draft class. The following are some receiver options who could be had in the second round and later:

Justin Hunter

Robert Woods

Da'Rick Rogers

Terrance Williams

Ryan Swope

DeAndre Hopkins

Marquise Goodwin

Kenny Stills

If we really want our quarterback to stop getting beaten up, maybe we should consider getting him some guys who can get open.