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Redskins 2013 Mock Draft

Redskins Post Combine Mock Draft


I did not want to project another mock draft until after the NFL scouting combine, so now that the Greatest Underwear Show on Earth is over, I wanted to do my first(of what will be many to come)post-combine mock drafts for the Redskins.

As you may already know, unlike many on here, I do put significant stock into the combine, but rest assured, it only helps to magnify what I have already seen on tape. That being said, I do think some prospects really helped themselves this past week, and some hurt their stock a bit. You may see this reflected in my picks.

2nd: Robert Alford(CB - Southeastern LA) I really like Amerson a lot in this spot too, but I think an excellent combine, combined with plus size, takes him off the board before we pick. Alford had a great showing in Indy, and that, coupled with a very solid Senior Bowl week, has moved him into the second round. His height and tackling are a bit of a concern, but his cover skills and athleticism are un-questioned.

3rd: T.J. McDonald(FS - USC) McDonald has flown under the radar a bit lately. He did have a solid week at the Senior Bowl, but it was not spectacular. His combine numbers were about average, but he did show tremendous burst coming out of breaks in the on-field portion of drills. He has excellent size, and will lay receivers out coming across the middle. He is a true center field safety in the NFL, with the ability to come up and play in the box when asked.

4th: Sio Moore(LB - UConn) Moore had an excellent week and the Shrine Bowl, and really opened some eyes(mine included). I kept asking myself who is this UConn kid, and is he big enough to play inside for the Redskins? He followed that up with another solid week at the Senior Bowl, which officially put him on many teams radars. Moore put up good numbers at the combine, but is was the smoothness, athleticism, and ankle flexion in the on-field drills that really stood out. He is a true sideline-to-sideline linebacker, who is not limited to scheme or down and distance.

5th: Brennan Williams(OT- UNC) The only thing that will keep this kid from being a higher pick was the injury he suffered that caused him to miss the entire season last year. Williams will likely need some time to develop, but if he does(and he certainly has the potential)he could become a future starter in the NFL at right tackle.

5th: Sanders Comings(CB/S - Georgia) Not having a true position at the next level may cause Comings to slip a bit. Some teams may want to give him a try as a boundary corner, but he has stiff hips, and sits way too high in his back-pedal. I see his best fit at safety, but it may take some time for the transition. He certainly has the size and skill set to be a player in this league though. He ran an official 4.41 40, at 6' 0" 216 pounds.

6th: Michael Williams(TE - Alabama) Williams did not participate in the combine, so we will have to wait until his pro day to see him work out, but he showed the nation in the Senior Bowl he is more than just an in-line blocking tight end. At 6' 6" 270 pounds, he is a mismatch for almost any player attempting to cover him. Imagine Williams and Paulsen in two tight sets down by the goaline?

7th: Matt Stankiewitch(C - PSU) Stank is a developmental C/G prospect who will best be suited as a practice squad player for at least a year. He needs to build up strength in his base, but does show good upper-body strength and technique.

Now, I have seen some suggestions that the Redskins should try to trade back in this draft to stockpile some extra picks, but I think the opposite may happen. It is a very deep draft at a few key positions of need for us, and I think Mike Shanahan will go with quality over quantity. I think the 2nd-4th rounds will hold a lot of quality, especially at the safety and offensive tackle positions, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Redskins moved back into the 3rd or 4th round to catch a prospect who may have slipped a bit. Could that prospect be Tyrann Mathieu?