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Redskins Fans Spotlight -- Taylor Young, Filmmaker

Until the players return to action on the field, why not aim the spotlight at members of our fanbase that are working hard to pursue their own dreams?

(Just to provide a little disclosure, I have known Taylor Young for many, many years. In addition to being a very good friend and quasi-family member, he also factored in the decision my wife and I made when we named our first daughter. I still remember calling him from the delivery room and informing him that he had inspired me to name a girl after him. I, uhhhh, employed a different set of words on the call however.)

"Taylor, it has been a while since we filmed "The Redskins Office" in my basement. (I've embedded the video below--be gentle!) What was the coolest thing that has happened to you since you shot that short form piece?"

"Well, Robert De Niro saw it and approached me to see if I would work on a similar piece with him Jason Bateman."


"No, come on Ken...only our parents and grandparents have seen that thing. Not to mention it starred you...maybe the best thing that happened regarding that thing is we nixed the nude scene. Probably the smartest move of my career...and definitely the smartest move of yours."

"While I agree it is better that we decided against the full frontal, I still wonder if that is the only reason we did not win a Webby. Since you have moved closer to NYC to pursue the directing and producing of films, has it been tough being in Jets/Giants territory?"

Taylor explained, "It's actually not that bad. I went to the Redskins game at the Meadowlands this year, and (as I told you before and you posted) that the Giants fans and atmosphere of the stadium was a little underwhelming. Walked about 3/4 of a mile through the parking lot to the stadium and not one fan talked shit to me, not even joke shit talking. We lost the game, but Griffin and Morris both looked great so all Giants fans could say on the way out was that they're not looking forward to playing this Redskins team for years to come. Driving to the game (with two "diehard" Giants fans, they had to ask me what the Redskins record was. To me, that says everything. And it's not that they don't take the Redskins seriously, but that most of the fans are very arrogant and entitled. They're far from the worst fans in the NFL, but there's just a kind of entitlement about them that bothers me.

The best story I've got so far of run-ins with Giants fans was with an old guy at the bar watching the Redskins playoff game. My buddy and I are both in Griffin jerseys, and this guy just starts trying to talk trash to us. It bothered my buddy more than it bothered me, and it was hilarious because it was just the most bitter stuff spewing out of his mouth. The point is (even with Griffin's injury) they're scared of us. I really mean that. I've seen it first hand many times. The Jets are the Jets. Who cares? I literally don't even think about the Jets. They're AFC and we rarely play them. And their quarterback is Mark Sanchez..."

I groaned. "Just talking about the Jets and Mark Sanchex depresses me. I remember how loudly Redskins fans cheered when the Jets traded up and seemingly spared us from Cerrato drafting him. Oh jeez...just writing that name makes me upset. Let's move on. We all have high hopes that you become the next Spielberg so that the story of Hogs Haven will finally make it to the big screen. Do you think Ryan Gosling would be the best choice to portray me? Either him or Brad Pitt seem to make sense. I was thinking Melissa McCarthy would be a great choice to play Kevin. She is so seems like the perfect fit."

"Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling probably aren't good looking enough to play you. Plus, there's only one Ken Meringolo..."

"What project are you working on now?" In the back of my mind, I was begging for him to talk about breakfast cereal comparisons or the way he likes to test his potential movie one-liners on his girlfriend.

Taylor did not cooperate there. "Working on a couple things... Obviously you know about my latest project titled, My Money, Your God."

"Is this a movie about Dan Snyder?"

"Well obviously. It has a lot to do with poor field conditions and $9 beers... The movie is a psychological thriller. It's an indie with a tiny budget that we've been working on for the past year. I wrote it and I'm producing and directing it under our production company: Riot Scene Pictures. Thomas and Steve (unfortunately a Ravens fan) are the other partners in Riot Scene Pictures, so they are producing as well. Steve is starring as Tom Winston, a guy that wakes up to find that his house is being burglarized, and is knocked unconscious before he can stop the crime. He wakes up and checks his closet to find that a bag is missing; its contents -- $650,000 cash. From there, he sets off on a cold-blooded warpath to find his money, and along the way becomes entangled with Paul Dizzebba, a small-time, but ruthless crime boss, and a mysterious religious cult that have their own chilling plans for all of humanity. He begins to question his own sanity as he continues to have conversations with his late fiancé, and his drive to find the money takes him down an increasingly dark path of violence and revenge."

"You know Taylor, this could be like Dan Snyder's quest to get his $18 million back from Roger Goodell! But I are you guys getting this done?"

"Everything about it has been very small and bare-bones. We've personally financed through Riot Scene - about a $10k budget when all is said and done. The entire cast has not been rounded out yet, but we have a few talented actors making their debuts - Steve, Barbara Oceanak, who plays Abigail, Winston's late fiancé. Brendan Jones plays Simon, Winston's right-hand man and partner in crime. There's also the potential debut of the stunning Kenneth Meringolo as the character Davis (grizzly beard and all). Also starring is Andrew Roth, a very experienced and talented actor with tons of credits to his name. He plays Dizzebba. In addition to acting, Andrew will be producing along with Steve, Thomas and I.

Right now, we're on a shooting hiatus because we need to wait for the weather to break to shoot some exteriors. The final cut should be completed by the end of the summer, and we'll then be looking to submit to several film festivals at that point. "

And with that, we were interrupted by a television commercial for Trojan Vibrations. The discussion...deteriorated...from there.

We all wish you the best, Taylor. We'll be keeping an eye on this over the summer. I think I speak for all of us at Hogs Haven when I tell you that as a budding director and producer, you have a real responsibility to cast super-hot actresses in your films as characters that are almost constantly naked.

Don't let us down.