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Jason Garrett and Tom Coughlin Talk About Chip Kelly at the Combine

The media asked the NFC East coaches about Chip Kelly's offense in the NFL. Some interesting tidbits among the usually bland media replies. The Redskins' staff did not speak at the combine.

Al Bello

Jason Garrett:

Certainly the challenges that Chip Kelly presents are obvious. Certainly, a great track record at Oregon. He's just a darn good football coach, and he's bringing that style of football to the NFL. I think we have seen glimpses of that the last couple of years where there has been a trickle up of college offenses to the NFL. And they are challenging. And his style is even different than some of the things we have seen. We are going to do a lot of studying of what he's done to make sure we are ready for it because I think it's different. It's different from what a lot of teams have seen. We are going to get a chance to face him twice and we know what the challenges are and we have to get ready to go.

Often times when coaches move from staff to staff in the league what you will try to do is go back and see what they did at their previous team. It is a little bit more challenging when you have a college coach coming in, but we've found ourselves watching college tape in the past when a similar transition happened. So we will do our best to do our due diligence on this stuff and get as ready as we can be.

As laughable as Jim Zorn's coaching tenure was, his 6-2 start saw the offense score 23+ points in four of those wins. And we all remember Osaka. Chip surely will have an advantage his first few weeks, but how will the second half of the season play out for Philly?

Tom Coughlin (who says less than Mike Shanahan if you can believe that):

I know Chip from his days at New Hampshire and the tremendous job he did at Oregon. We interviewed him at one point here in New York and he's done a superior job and he's an outstanding football coach. He's going to make it interesting.

Have you worked with Perry Fewell to try and figure out a way to stop the read-option?

You said it as well as I could. Absolutely, right in our division. It'd be foolish not to. We're doing as much as we can.

Chip Kelly provided much more insight:

On transitioning his playbook from college to NFL:

"It's what do we feel, on this level, that we can run? What's going to fit. When you start to put a playbook together, there's always more than less. Then you start to cull it down, as you get a chance to know your players and understand what they can do and what you're asking them to do. It's pretty wide-ranging right now. It's got a lot of things in it. But then I think any good coach will always tailor his playbook to his personnel. Until we get a chance to work with them, I can't really tell you what it's going to look like when we get rolling in August and start playing games in September, but right now, it's going to be pretty extensive."

"[This offense is] what Billy Lazor had at Virginia. It's what Bob Bicknell had at Buffalo. It's what Jeff Stoutland had at Alabama. It's what Duce [Staley] and Ted [Williams] had when they were there earlier. It's about all of us getting together. It's a real collaborative effort. As a coach, it's a real fun time. You talk about a certain play, 'How'd you coach it? How'd you teach it?' Coaching terminology. 'How did you express this? Have you ever tried to do it this way?' It's really just a sharing of ideas. Then we come together and decide how we're going to do it as a group with the 2013 team."

And Couglin with probably the most hilarious Q&A of the combine:

Did David Baas have any medical procedures?

Baas has had a little surgery, yeah.

Of what nature?

On his body.