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HogsHaven - Combine Style

HogsHaven Underwear Olympics

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Alright boys and girls(and Ken), here we go.

We just went through one of my most exciting times of the year; the Oscars Underwear Olympics. So in honor of this special NFL event, I figured we could have an HH combine. Unfortunately, we are not all in the DMV, because if we were, I would rent out a local gym for us, and set up some keg stations for us to run through, and the ole' bench press for us to test our sorry asses on(my money would be on Deisel). Alas, we have to go on “Honesty" - I know Shoup, this one will be rough for you. By in the spirit of HH, and all that makes it fun, let's give it a try.

So, boys and girls(and whatever Kev is referring to himself as these days), post you times and accomplishments below on our “unofficial board" in the comments section.

Events can include, but are not limited to:

40 time

Bench Press


Number of touchdowns scored in PeeWee football

High School SAT scores(be honest Bill Ward - we know the SATs didn't exist back then)

Best time chugging a Car Bomb

How many women or men you've hung out with in a week(I will give no more information on this one)

How many jobs you've held

Famous people you've met(and who they are)

How many pairs of shoes you have

Grade school fist fights you have won

etc, etc, etc

Basically, just use you imagination, and be honest. Oh, and Jefferson, don't go pulling any muscles.

Post you accomplishments below. Try to keep them all in one area, so we can judge your résumé. We will choose the top few, and put them to vote by the HH community. Kev and Ken will come up with a cool, non-valuable prize for the winner.

Have fun, and no cheating.