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Combine Defensive Backs - Risers and Fallers

Redskins Defensive Back Targets - Combine Risers and Fallers

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I have been on my soapbox for what feels like months now, harping about how the Redskins need to fix their defensive backfield. I have made suggestions about certain prospects, and have even forecasted some in mock drafts(albeit not as many as Shoup), but now that the combine has officially ended, I wanted to provide you with a list of who I feel were my "risers" and "fallers" among the defensive backs .

Now I'm going to try to keep this list reserved for prospects I feel we have a legitimate shot at drafting, so sorry, no Dee Milliner on here.

I would like to hear your input on who you thought had some good or bad performances, and any hidden gem I may not have mentioned, that you feel I should look at a bit further.


Eric Reid(S-LSU): Reid sure looked the part at the combine, measuring in at 6'1" 213 pounds. He showed the part as well, running a 4.53 40, an 11.2 broad jump, a 40.5 inch vert., and 17 reps on the bench. There are currently a few safety prospects ahead of Reid, but if he were to fall to us in the second, I hope the Redskins sprint to the podium with the selection.

Sanders Commings(CB - Georgia): Commings is listed as a corner, but I think he will wind up as a safety in the NFL. He has great size, measuring in at 6'0" 216 pounds, and ran very well clocking a 4.41 40. I may not be opposed at using a forth round pick on this kid.

David Amerson(CB - NC State): Scouts were down on Amerson after a shaky senior year, where he gave up a few long touchdowns earlier in the season. He improved his play as the season went on, but it certainly caused his stock to fall. Well, he answered some questions about his speed today when he ran a 4.44 40. He certainly has the size(6'1" 3/4 205)and skill set NFL teams drool over, and his on-field workout today showed what we all knew already; the kid is a player.

Robert Alford(CB - Southeastern Louisiana): Alford may have been the most impressive defensive back not named Milliner. He ran a blistering 4.39 40, boasted a 40" vert., jumped 11 feet in the broad jump, and pressed the bar 17 times. His biggest knock is his size, but if scouts can look past this, they may be able to find a quality starter in round two.

Brandon McGee(CB - Miami): McGee is a kid who no one seems to talk about. He's coming off an up and down season at Miami, which led some scouts to question his desire to play the game. I thought he really showed well in the on-field portion of drills today, showing a smooth backpedal, loose hips, and a great burst once the ball was in the air. He ran a 4.40 40, at 5'11" 193 pounds. I need to do more scouting on this kid.

QTharold Simon(CB - LSU): I'll give Steve a little credit here. He had Simon mocked to us in an early draft he did, and some of us gave him some shit about it. Overall, I thought Simon did well today, running his 40 in 4.51, and showing to be very fluid in on-field drills. He may be a bit raw, but he has the measurables NFL teams like.


Logan Ryan(CB - Rutgers): I was surprised when Ryan decided to enter the draft this year. Some scouts feel he is very raw, but loaded with talent, but I saw a few things today that set him back a bit in my eyes. First was his 4.56 40 yard dash. He only jumped 9' 6" in the broad jump, and 32.5" in his vert. These three numbers combined show me a lack of explosion. I think another year at Rutgers would have helped this kid greatly.

Jordan Poyer(CB - Oregon St.): Sorry Steve, but your boy did not do well today. The first red flag was just 8 reps on the bench. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal to me, but when I watch film, I see a kid who has trouble getting off of blocks, and making tackles. His 40 time(4.54)was just below red-flag area for me, and his terrible vert.(30.5) and very average broad jump(9' 8") shows me he's not a quick-twitch athlete.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson(CB - UConn): Blidi did nothing to stand out today. He didn't run or jump very well, and he looked stiff in on-field drills. I expected much more. For a corner who is 6' 0" 3/4 and 205 pounds, I was not overly disappointed with the 4.53 40, but I thought he'd show much better.

Tony Jefferson(S - Oklahoma): I really liked Jefferson a lot during the season, but a 4.75 40! Come on man! Add that to the fact that he's just 5'10", and you could be asking for trouble.