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Oscars Best Dressed

A short list of one.


Yes, Jennifer Lawrence looked like a gorgeous cherub in a bubble bath of elegance last night. This is not to take anything away from her. BUT—you saw the but coming, right?—it's impossible to compete with Sean Fine's Oscar duds. And by Sean Fine I don't mean Olivia Munn, though her dress was dramatifabulous in burgundy and gold. I mean Sean Fine, winner of the Oscar for best short documentary and grandson of Nate Fine, THE Redskins photographer/camera dude.

The older Fine had photographed every Redskins game but one from when the team moved to Washington in 1937 until his death in 1988. The 1988 Super Bowl win was dedicated to him, actually. He also pioneered the use of game film for study and training in the locker room.

Sean Fine recently posted to Instagram a photo of Dave Butz hugging his grandfather with a caption that reads [all sic'd] "25 years ago the redskins dedicated the Superbowl win to my Grandfather Nate Fine who was their photographer. Dave Butz is giving him a hug here. Every time I pick up a camera I know he is looking down and smiling. Thanks Zayda for passing on an incredible gift." D'awwww.

So it makes perfect sense that a hometown guy inheriting such a Redskins legacy would 1) win an Oscar for a documentary and 2) wear RGIII's "No Pressure, No Diamonds" socks while doing it. The fact that he tweeted the below, well that's just because he knows how to represent the B&G.

(via DC Sports Bog)