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Free Agent Profile: Greg Toler


NFL free agency is just around the corner. It's well known that the Redskins have very little cap space to work with after the ludicrous cap penalty given the by league after the Redskins dumped cap in the "uncapped year". With that penalty looking unlikely to be overturned, the Redskins will have to be on the look out for cheaper, lesser-known guys that can still be productive for less money. With secondary the biggest need for the Redskins, what better place to start?

Cornerback Greg Toler is an unrestricted free agent from the Arizona Cardinals. Listed at 6'0", 192 pounds, the 28 year-old Washington D.C. native was a fourth round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. A D.C. homecoming could be tempting for Toler, who would provide some much needed size in the Redskins secondary. But are the Redskins even interested in bringing Toler home? Redskins beat reporter Emmanual Benton of recently tweeted this:

So we asked Jess Root, editor of SB Nation Cardinals site Revenge of the Birds for some insight on Toler.

Strengths: He is actually very good. He could be a team's number one corner. He is physical, he can cover and he tackles well. He can catch the ball. He was set to be the team's number one in 2011 until he got hurt. When healthy in 2012, he made plays and was statistically the best cover guy on the team.

Weaknesses: He has to stay healthy. Injuries weren't always a concern, but after losing all of 2011 to an ACL tear, he was banged up a lot in 2012. Speaking to him, he told me it had a lot to do with his body recovering to a year off of football and compensating. It was his hamstring that gave him issues. has credited him with 118 tackles over his three year career with 5 interceptions including one against the Lions last season that he returned 102 yards for a touchdown. My buddy LL over at posted a very good film breakdown of Toler over the weekend, which I highly recommend you go check out. So what do you think? Would Toler be a good signing or is there someone else you would prefer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.