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Redskins 2013 Mock Draft

A prediction of what the Redskins will do in April.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Here's my latest 2013 Mock Draft as the Combine gets under way. This is mainly for discussion purposes and just one path that I hope the Redskins take. Enjoy!

Round 2 CB Jordan Poyer, Oregon State:

-Still one of my favorite corners, I think he's a perfect fit for the Redskins, and he has very advanced skills which should allow him to make an impact immediately.

Round 3 S Tony Jefferson, Oklahoma:

-Jefferson doesn't get some of the hype as other top safeties (which should help get him to last to the Skins), but he has the same big time upside. He can take some poor angles at times which puts him out of position at times, but overall he'd be a great addition for the Redskins.

Round 4 OL David Quessenberry, San Jose State:

-Quessenberry would be a nice mid-round pick-up for the Skins, he could start at either guard or tackle and would be a solid fit for the Redskins zone blocking scheme.

Round 5 RB Kerwynn Williams, Utah State:

-Williams isn't a big name, but he offers good value for the Redskins. He's got good speed and quickness and would really be a nice addition to the Redskins zone attack.

Round 5 LB Keith Pough, Howard:

-Pough is one of my favorite small school and late round guys. I really think he could end up being a long term starter and leader at the next level. He could end up being Fletcher's replacement.

Round 6 DL Josh Boyd, Mississippi State:

-The Redskins may need to add some cheaper young talent along the defensive line. Boyd has good upside and could be a solid rotational defensive lineman.

Round 7 P Jeff Locke, UCLA:

-Punter is a major need for the Skins and this would be a great use of a 7th round pick. I know some fans would be against it, but the Skins need a young cheap punter, and the fact that he kick-offs as well is a huge plus.