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Overrated: Combine 40 Times Don't Predict NFL Success

A look at why 40 yard dash times aren't a good indicator for NFL Success

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

With the Combine getting underway I wanted to address perhaps the biggest myth when it comes to the Combine, and that is the importance of 40 times and whether or not they predict any sort of NFL success. 40 yard dash times are probably the most hyped part of the Combine and for some the entire draft process. While there are some exceptions 40 times champions usually end up not making any sort of impact at the next level. Below is an infographic highlighting the top 40 times at each position since 2006, and what they accomplished in the NFL. For my full post on it go here! What do you think what should a 40 time mean to a prospect's draft stock?

Does Combine 40 Time Mean Success in the NFL? From