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RGIII Releases Adidas Commercial "All in for Week 1"

With the timeline for RGIII's recovery being an optimistic for a 6-8 month recovery, the Redskins phenom QB posted a video Adidas commercial saying he's all in for Week 1.

Update 11:45am - RGIII tweeted an update on what "All In" means, which should make everyone feel at ease:

Feel like I need to say this..Although my goal is to start Week 1, that doesn't mean I will compromise my career to do so. Starting Week 1 will be the result of healing, hard work, dedication & God's anointing. No rush, just determination.

Adidas just posted a new RGIII commercial, which via the YouTube description states:

Watch Robert Griffin III (RGIII) blow up last season in the new adidas Impact Camo training gear as he puts every win, every loss and every headline behind him. Like RGIII, Notre Dame and John Curtis (LA) High School Football train hard in the off-season and are ALL IN for Week 1.

So, the first thought that comes to my mind, "Doesn't this put extra pressure on RGIII to ensure he starts?" What if RGIII is 95% healthy in September? Does that mean he's all in for week 1 or not? I'm no linguist but perhaps a better title would have been "Giving it my all for week 1"?

The final line in the commercial is "All that matters is what you do next." Truer words have never been spoken.

Slow news day. Slow news day. I do like the explosions.

Here's Derrick Rose's Adidas commercial that is "All in" without the timetable.