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Poll: Vote for the Hogs Haven Writers Challenge Winner

The Hogs Haven community provided random topics to challenge the staff to write an entertaining column applying the Redskins to that topic...the entries are in and it's time to vote a winner.

Last week we asked everyone in the Hogs Haven community to suggest any random topic that they'd like to see us apply the Redskins to. The best ones we split up among the writing staff, which have been posted. The winner gets $25 so vote wisely. Unfortunately, Keely (Dating site profile for free agents to get re-signed by team), Shoup (Redskins running game spoken with the dialogue of Tobias Funke from "Arrested Development"), and Mackenzie (Dwight Schrute) didn't get their entries in.

I couldn't have been more impressed with what everyone delivered. Tiller and Ken had the hardest topics and hit homeruns. Dan clearly had a lot of fun with his which made for great reading. Harrison of course flipped the table and provided a hysterical and accurate version of Kenny Powers reaching out to RGIII. Surely we'll be doing something like this again when it's slow news times. The poll will run through Wednesday.

Here is the recap of articles in the order they were posted:

Hogs Haven Writers Challenge I
Kevin Ewoldt Applying Redskins to South Park's "OMG They Killed Kenny"
Dan Ciarrocchi Draft a Starting Lineup for Redskins Using Athletes from MLB, NHL and NBA
Ken Meringolo The Kaneebus and the Ding (Dr. Seuss)
Tiller56 Twilight the Movie - Redskins Style
Harrison Weinhold A letter of Inspiration to RG3 from Kenny Powers