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HH Writers Challenge: Twilight the Movie Redskins Style

Twilight the Movie - Redskins Style

Imagine this.......................

In their infancy (2010 - when Mike Shanahan took over), the Redskins were a confused child. They were Bella Swan. Bella had just moved in with her father Charlie (Bruce Allen), in an area she had previously just visited as a child. She had to make new friends in this new town. Bella was fortunate enough to find a good group of friends to hang out with. These were good people, and good friends to Bella, but alas, they did not satisfy her NEEDS to be more expressive, creative, and to truly fit in.

What Bella Swan desired was the mysterious; the unknown.

While in school, Bella began taking a notice to a young, handsome boy named Edward Cullen (Robert Griffin III). Edward was a mysterious young man, and this intrigued Bella even more. There were certain things that were DIFFERENT about Edward, and these mysterious gifts drew Bella towards him. She became obsessed with Edward.

Now, Bella had a long-time friend, that she used to know when she visited her dad as a child. This boy, Jacob Black(Kirk Cousins), was always there for Bella, and Bella for him. Jacob (Mich. St) went to a different school than Edward(Baylor), but the two competed for Bella's friendship, and eventually, love.

As Bella's relationship with Edward grew stronger, she began to notice certain things about Edward, that were different from others. Besides being unbelievably handsome and mysterious, Edward also had some unique powers. He was able to run really fast, and could almost disappear, only to show up somewhere else in the blink of an eye. Bella became infatuated at the meer sight of Edward, but she was also interested to find out more about these powers he possessed, because to her, they seemed almost un-human.

She began doing a lot of research on Edward (the pre-draft evaluation), and what she found out was simply AMAZING. She confronted Edward about what she believed (the pre-draft interview). He was always cold (cool under pressure), he could run like the wind(damn, he was fast), had super-human powers (Heisman winner), and he never slept (up all night studying film).......................Edward was a.........................Go ahead, SAY THE WORDS BELLA!................a Vampire (a rare QB prospect that no one thought existed).

This realization only brought Bella closer to Edward, and she wanted him more than ever. But then there was Jacob. Jacob had taken a liking to Bella, and Bella also felt something for Jacob too, although not as strong as what she felt for Edward. Both young men fought for the affection of Bella Swan, but Bella ultimately chose Edward over Jacob (the NFL draft)...................but, not to leave her friend Jacob out in the cold, she also spent a lot of time with Jacob (4th round pick). Bella gave up a lot to be with Edward (the many draft picks the Redskins traded to the Rams to move up in the draft). She spent every waking minute of the day with him (mini-camps, training camps). Bella wanted to become like Edward................and immortal, with ultimate power (Redskins wanted to become the best team in the NFL).

Edward was not the only Vampire in his family. He had many brothers and sisters who looked out for him (the Redskins team). His father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen (Mike Shanahan) looked out for the family, and kept them safe. He was the undisputed leader of the Cullen clan.

Now there were other Vampires out there(other NFL teams), that wanted to hurt Bella, and her precious Edward. Although Edward and Jacob had once competed for Bella's love, they united to protect her(from other teams that wanted to beat them). There were times when Edward was not there (RG3 was injured), so Bella turned to Jacob, who led Bella through some tough times. Eventually he won here love too, but just not the same love she felt for Edward.

There also existed a very powerful group of Vampires called the Volturi (the league owners). They set out to destroy the Cullens because they felt that by letting Bella become so close to their family, that she would reveal their secret. The leaders felt the Cullens had violated their circle of trust (Cap Gate). The leader of the Volturi was Aro (Mara). He insisted that either Bella become one of them(play like the other teams), or die (be penalized $36 million).

In the end of this great saga, Bella is turned into a vampire, and becomes immortal. Edward and Bella have a young child, who is part human-part vampire. Jacob left his mark on the young child, even though it is not of his flesh and blood, and will do whatever he can to protect her.

Unlike the movie, the Redskins tale has yet to be written. Can the magical RG3 lead this team to immortal status? Will Kirk Cousins be the guy who comes in to save the day when called upon? Will the league eventually forgive the Redskins for their violation of the un-capped year? Will Mara be destroyed, only to realize it was just a vision at the hands of the beautiful Alice, and go crawling back to the hole he came from, thus dropping his beef with the Redskins?

...................................Only time will tell.