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Gary Clark Announced Head Coach of Lingerie Team Baltimore Charm

The former Redskins wide receiver great will coach the LFL's Baltimore Charm, where the starting Quarterback, Angela Rypien, is his former teammate's daughter.

There are so many fantastic things about this announcement:

Las Vegas, Nevada - February 14, 2012) Legends Football League officials have announced the hiring of former NFL All-Pro and Washington Redskins Super Bowl champion wide receiver Gark Clark as the new Head Coach of the Baltimore Charm. Clark will replace Rick Reeder, who was released last week due to a violation of the league's conduct policy as well as leading the Charm to a losing record during his tenure.

I don't know what Rick Reeder's violation was, but being surrounded by gorgeous women all day, I'd be happy to bet $100 on what it was. Now enter Gary Clark....a man known for being very smooth with the ladies. As far as I know, he does not have any coaching experience.

So, what can make this coaching staff better? How about adding an assistant coach with the last name, "Booty":

Ravin Caldwell, a two-time Super Bowl linebacker, and John Booty, an NFL great who played 8 years in the NFL as a defensive back, will join Clark on the sidelines as assistant coaches.

So fantastic. And finally, who is the starting QB for the Baltimore Charm? None other than Mark Rypien's daughter, Angela Rypien. Here's an updated Facebook picture highlighting how great in shape she is.

Gary Clark might have the best job going right now. Hogs Haven will definitely stay on top of this. Baltimore's first home game is June 8th.

Baltimore Charm's roster: