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HH Writers Challenge: Applying Redskins to South Park's "OMG They Killed Kenny"

The Hogs Haven community provided random topics to challenge the staff to write an entertaining column applying the Redskins to that topic.

This week we asked everyone in the Hogs Haven community to suggest any random topic that they'd like to see us apply the Redskins to. The best ones we split up among the writing staff, which will be posted today and tomorrow. After they're all up, I'll add a poll for everyone to vote which one is the best. ($25 to the winning writer)

First up is yours truly. There were a couple different ways to go with South Park's Kenny. The first thought that came to mind was applying a Redskin player who always gets injured and keeps coming back the next week.That got rather dry fast so I decided to dip into my bag of gifs. Enjoy. A common theme here is my distaste for Cowboys fans.






This one is called "OH MY GOD....they killed Haynesworth"


Kenny reveals his true identity...