Hogs Haven has been quoted by an espn article as advocating for a name change.

I don' t know if anyone's found this yet, but this article on espn says hogs haven has put its support behind changing the Redskins name. I understood the reasoning for the article on here "Four reasons a Redskins name change should not bother you" that was posted here a few days ago. However, I don't think, at least personally, it was meant as a full endorsement of the change, just presenting reasons why it wouldn't be so bad. I was wondering if anyone takes issue with the espn article using the hogs haven article as support for their opinion, and if anyone on the site was approached for their approval to state this? I don't think it's fair for espn to present this as the blanket opinion of the writers, operators or members of the site. Does anyone have any insight or opinion?