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The Five Best Redskins Receiving Touchdowns in 2012 (in Gifs)

RGIII and Alfred Morris were not the only Redskins making spectacular plays this season. Here are the top five receiving touchdowns of 2012.

Patrick Smith

I admittedly was one of the people that thought Santana was not going to make the 2012 roster. He gained a lot of weight after getting a three year deal in 2011 and Rex Grossman/John Beck are not exactly motivators for off-season workouts. Either way, Santana Moss had eight TDs - his highest since scoring nine in 2005.

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It was very difficult to rank these but here we go...and what makes this list extra special is that they're all versus NFC East foes:

#5 - RGIII to Moss in Part of the Thanksgiving 2nd Quarter Romp.

There are so many layers to this play. The fantastic blocking, the know-how of RGIII to throw that ball short, and the awareness of Moss has for his feet and the sideline.

#4 - Santana Moss Takes 26-yard Screen to House

I remember this play very clearly. 3rd and 7 and I see the screen pass coming: "SH*T...WHY??? Throw the ball down fiel....oh wait!" Yes, that's three OLineman beyond the first down marker laying blocks. Screens work a lot better when coaches don't run them every other play (cough Zorn cough).

#3 - Santana Moss with an amazing footwork TD

This is one of my personal favorite TDs of the year. Lorenzo Alexander had just sacked Nick Foles on 4th and 2 near midfield. On 3rd and 10 from the 22, RGIII floated a perfect pass to Santana Moss where I thought there was 0% chance Moss was able to get both feet in. I still have trouble believing it without seeing the still shot.

#2 - Santana Moss' Jump Ball, Diving TD

So, you're a rookie QB, and it's 3rd and 10 from your own territory, what do you do? I'm guessing heave the ball 60 yards to a 5'10" WR in double coverage is not usually an option, but it worked out well and put the Redskins up three scores.

#1 - Pierre Garcon's 59-yard Touchdown

The major problem with Redskins WRs over the first two years of Shanahan's Redskins teams was the lack of yards after the catch ability. This play has it all. Amazing hands and with a busted toe outruns the entire Cowboys defense.