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Super Bowl 2014: Seven key roles the Redskins must fill if they wish to make it to the big game

A few roles the Redskins need filled for the 2013 season and the players who can fill those roles.


The Redskins made their first trip to the post-season since the Joe Gibbs II era and finally the Redskins have something to build on. Clearly, a lot of draft/free agency work needs to be done as the Redskins, RGIII, and the Pistol will not be sneaking up on anyone in 2013.

Time sure has flied as Mike Shanahan will be entering year four of his five year contract and long gone are the excuses of "I inherited a terrible roster." Expectations are high for another solid season and with the addition of a few key players on defense and offense, the Skins will be right back there in January games that matter.

If we were to pick a few general labels of success, and match them with a corresponding Redskins player or coach, what would we have?

Enforcer - Trent Williams

Simply put, there needs to be someone on our team that imposes fear. Many opposing WRs spoke about how they detested going over the middle with Sean Taylor back there. That type of play kills offensive drives and flat out can win a game. Trent has that ability for the Redskins on offense. Time and time again he was knocking Pro Bowl DEs on their butt and clearing holes for rushers.

Brain - Kyle Shanahan

Clearly, the Redskins have talent, but time and time again the second half adjustments made by the Redskins coaching staff won games. The secret is out on the pistol, so with a full off-season for defensive coordinators to scheme adjustment packages, how will Kyle Shanahan introduce the next evolution of his scheme?

Technician - Robert Griffin III

In 2012, RGIII was reguarly the first person to arrive at Redskins Park and was the last one to leave. RGIII is a perfectionist and that clearly showed up on Sundays.

Loose cannon - DeAngelo Hall

Multiple personal foul penalties, cussing out a ref, there's no denying this. DHall certainly got his act together though.

Motivator - London Fletcher

Watch this video from the Redskins pre-game vs the Saints and try to disagree.

Prankster - Mike Shanahan

Let's be real, Mike Shanahan regularly pranks media and fans each week. Have we ever gotten a straight injury report? John Beck is a capable starter. Haynesworth's rhabdomyolysis. Shanahan does have a sense of humor, which we saw during the winning streak.

Muscle - <insert rookie FS here> or Brian Orakpo

Jason LaCanfora reported the Redskins will try and lock Orakpo up long term. Certainly, the Redskins will need a full season from him with Rob Jackson likely gone.