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Hogs Haven Staff Writers Challenge - We Need Your Input

The Hogs Haven writers have a contest/bet among each other on who can write the best Redskins article - with one little hitch....the HH community gets to pick the topic to relate to....which can be anything.

With it being slow news time until the combine ramps up, I thought it'd be a fun project this week to have the willing Hogs Haven staff writers each write a Redskins article using a topic provided by the community. It's like improv meets blogs. If someone suggested Kate Upton's mole, then perhaps I'd write 500 words on how DHall, which originally was an eye sore, turned out to be uniquely beautiful on what was a spectacular (team) body.

In the comments below, provide a suggestion that you'd like to see one of us write a Redskins article topic on. For example, The Teletubbies, MacGyver, Justin Beiber, Flowbees...anything. We accept all challenges. Whatever comments have the most "recs" I'll throw into a hat and randomly disperse to the writers. After each writer posts his or her article, we'll have a poll to decide which one wins and that writer will get $25 courtesy of the Bank of Ewoldt.

Rec: For the new members of Hogs Haven, for each comment below, you'll see a "Actions" link. If one clicks that, one then sees the "Rec" link which is essentially SB Nation's version of the "Like" button and it keeps a counter. Comments with 3+ recs turn it green.

This contest is open to the HH community as well. If you'd like to join in on this contest, please send an email to hogshaven[at]gmail[dot]com.

Vegas just released odds for the contest winners:

  • Ken Meringolo 2/1
  • Keely Diven 3/1
  • Harrison Weinhold 3/1
  • Steve Shoup 5/1
  • Dan Ciarrocchi 5/1
  • MacKenzie Rivers 5/1
  • Tiller 5/1
  • Kevin Ewoldt (5/1 if he proof reads, 7/1 if not)
  • Fan Post 10/1