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Video: Best of RGIII's 2012 Media Interviews

Fox News collected all of Robert Griffin III's funniest moments when dealing with the media.

A few highlights courtesy of Lindsay Murphy from Fox 5 news. If the embed code is not working, here's the link to the video.

On winning after the BYE:

"It was gut check time...and we definitely checked our gut (laughter)"On him and Kirk Cousins watching film and sharing burritos:

"(lauhging) We never shared a burrito. We ate burritos in the living room. He had his and I had mine."On his knee injury:

"I know as soon as I got hit....I a man of course."On Trent Williams leg injury mid-season:

"If he needs me in the training room with him, I'll be there with him. I'll rub on leg whenever he needs me to do"RGIII interviews > Donovan McNabb interviews.