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Redskins-Chiefs final score: Redskins Offense Stinks it Up in Primetime Loss, 45-10

Ten minutes into the game it was already over. The Redskins drama hits a new high with three more weeks still to go.

Rob Carr

I'm ten beers deep as I write this, so I'll keep it short. We all knew the Skins would likely lose this game, but the product on the field was beyond inexcusable. When Kirk Cousins is QBing vs Chase's clear there was some major failure.


Special teams disasters again crippled this team. What stung most was ESPN's pregame bombshell that Snyder and Shanahan have an unfixable rift:

Mike Shanahan was ready to quit Washington Redskins after 2012 season - ESPN
Disillusioned with the way Dan Snyder was running the organization, Mike Shanahan cleaned out his office in advance of Januarys wild-card playoff game against the Seahawks and expected to leave the team whenever the season ended, according to a source.

Let's briefly return back to the game and some stats that stuck out:

  • The Redskins allowed the Chiefs to score on their first FIVE drives, including a punt return for a TD.
  • Chiefs had 193 yards rushing
  • Despite two special teams TDs, the Chiefs still won the time of possession battle 34:10 to 25:50.
  • RGIII: 12/26, 164 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 63.6 QB rating.
  • Alex Smith....122.3 QB rating.
  • Alfred Morris only had 12 carries for 31 yards (he has over 1,000 for the season now).
  • Redskins were 3-15 third down efficiency and 0-2 on 4th.
Dan Steinberg had a nice recap including a picture of Fedex Field to start the 2nd was completely empty: Redskins-Chiefs best and worst - DC Sports Bog