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Sunday Slop: Week 17 Game Day

A look at the top stories about the Redskins before the final game of the season.

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Redskins Game Day: Ten Thoughts | ESPN Redskins Blog

We all know what's at stake in this game, which is nothing. We know that it would take quite a bit for coach Mike Shanahan to return. There have been other crazy years in Washington, but this one will go down as one of the most surprising because of the turn of events, from preseason contender to 3-12 and the change in storylines regarding Shanahan and quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Redskins Mailbag: Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

In Part 2 of the Redskins mailbag, more speculation on coaches, Kirk Cousins' trade value and how attractive is this potential opening, anyway?

Why Dave Toub should be the Redskins next coach? |

Pregame Primer: Redskins vs Giants | Washington Times

Mike Shanahan hasn't solved Redskins problems during uneven times | Washington Post

Four years ago next week, Mike Shanahan sat in an office at Redskins owner Daniel Snyder's estate in Potomac and signed a five-year contract to become the team's new head coach - a contract that implied more than a $7 million annual salary. Shanahan would be granted full control over the Redskins' football operations.

Those in, around Redskins organization braced for Shanahan departure | Washington Post

The Redskins refused to give a definitive word on Shanahan's job status. But one person with ties to the team said he expects Shanahan and the Redskins to part ways as soon as Monday.

Is Kai Forbath worth keeping around next year |

Need to Know: Buckle your seat belts Redskins fans | Real Redskins

Redskins fans should beware. We are about to enter a winter edition of the lying season, the annual ritual that comes around draft time every year. Don't believe everything you hear. In fact don't believe any of it.

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