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The Washington Redskins Next Head Coach Tournament (UPDATE)

An update on our current Hogs Haven Tournament to determine fans interest in the next head coach

Due to time restraints, I have polled specific people to help narrow down our tournament that started with 64 original coaches down to an Elite Eight. If all goes according to plan, we will have two articles today, two articles on Monday, two articles on Tuesday, and a championship match on Wednesday. I appreciate all who have voted and/or contributed in any way. This has been a fun way to gather information on perspective names around the NFL. Results are below:

(1) Art Briles defeated (5) Ken Whisenhunt

(2) David Shaw defeated (3) Lovie Smith

(4) Gregg Williams defeated (8) Todd Bowles

(3) Mike Zimmer defeated (2) Kevin Sumlin

(1) Jay Gruden defeated (5) Hue Jackson

(2) Greg Roman defeated (3) Aaron Kromer

(1) Darrell Bevell defeated (4) Bill Cowher

(2) Bill O'Brien defeated (11) Rich Bisaccia

Those results have determined the Elite Eight:


In case you can't see, the match-ups are:

(1) Art Briles vs. (2) David Shaw

(4) Gregg Williams vs. (3) Mike Zimmer

(1) Jay Gruden vs. (2) Greg Roman

(1) Darrell Bevell vs. (2) Bill O'Brien

Once again, I look forward to how this all plays out. Vote wisely. HTTR!