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Trent Williams is Returning to Hawaii

LT Trent Williams is the only Redskins player named to the Pro Bowl for the 2013 season.

Redskins 2013 Pro Bowl team
Redskins 2013 Pro Bowl team

The NFL announced the rosters for this year's new and improved Pro Bowl that will once again be held in Hawaii January 26, 2014.  Trent Williams has been selected to represent the Redskins for the second straight year, and this could be his first time actually playing in the game.  Last year he was caught in the middle of a night club brawl and forced to back out of the game after being assaulted.  Williams was having a stellar year, but had a stretch of games where he allowed several sacks and pressures.  He is finishing the season strong, and maintains his status as one of the top LT's in the game today.

Several other Redskins were named as alternates, and will be playing in the Pro Bowl as replacements for injured players or players appearing in the Super Bowl.  DeAngelo Hall, Pierre Garcon, Alfred Morris, and Brian Orakpo have all had very good seasons, with Garcon and Morris being noticeable snubs due to their strong years.

This year's new format will eliminate the AFC vs NFC format, and instead have captains select teams on January 22.  This year's team captains will be Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice.  Two winners from fantasy football leagues will do the actual selecting of the players to fill the rosters of Team Sanders and Team Rice.  The full Pro Bowl rosters can be found here.