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Narrowing Down the Redskins Free Agent Targets

My top four free agent positions of need.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Redskins need a major re-building effort heading into 2014. The free agent period will be instrumental in setting the tone for the offseason. Spending should be done wisely, and needs to take into account any future repercussions.

I have outlined four major areas of need for this team in free agency based on projected value at the position both in the open market, and with potential draft targets. My targets are, Right Tackle, Middle Linebacker, Safety and Defensive Tackle/Defensive End.

Offensive Tackle - I would prefer to stay away from the draft at this position, and go after a young proven veteran who can step in immediately, and play at a high level for the next 4-5 seasons. Free agency offers a nice mix of youth and talent, and the Redskins would be wise to spend a little money on one of the following prospects.

Offensive Tackle:

Tier 1:

Rodger Saffold(Rams) - 6-5 332  age 25

Jared Veldheer(Raiders) - 6-8 321  age 26

Tier 2:

Geoff Schwartz(Chiefs) - 6-6 340  age 27

Michael Oher(Ravens) - 6-4 315  age 27

Marshall Newhouse(Packers) - 6-4 319  age 25

Middle Linebacker - I feel re-signing Perry Riley is a top priority this offseason. Second is finding a replacement for London Fletcher. Outside of C.J. Mosley(who should go in the first round), I don't feel that there is much high-end talent that could be had in the draft, who could step in and contribute at a high level. I do feel free agency has a few very intriguing prospects who would help this team immediately. I would love for the Redskins to make a move on one of the following four.

Middle Linebacker:

Tier 1:

Donald Butler(Chargers) - 6-1 242  age 25

Pat Angerer(Colts) - 6-0 236  age 26

Tier 2:

Joe Mays(Texans) - 5-11 244  age 28

Brandon Spikes(Patriots) - 6-2 255  age 26

Safety - The Redskins safety play has been poor for the last few years. Injury, suspensions and poor play have all attributed to the struggles. Finding a plug-and-play guy at safety would be a huge coup. I believe Philip Thomas can come back from injury and be a solid contributor, but the Redskins need to find a veteran to play next to him.


Tier 1:

Jairus Byrd(Buffalo) - 5-10 203  age 27

Malcolm Jenkins(Saints) - 6-0 204  age 26

Tier 2:

Major Wright(Bears) - 5-11 204  age 25

Taylor Mays(Bengals) - 6-3 220  age 25

Defensive Tackle - So much with this position hinges on any defensive scheme changes the offseason may bring. Still, a few guys in the 2014 free agent class are scheme-diverse. The following players would be great targets, and could allow the Redskins to move away from the oft injured Carriker and Bowen.

Defensive Tackle:

Tier 1:

Linval Joseph(Giants) - 6-4 323  age 25

Cam Thomas(Chargers) - 6-2 294  age 27

Tier 2:

Vance Walker(Raiders) - 6-2 305  age 26

Sen'Derrick Marks(Jags) - 6-2 294  age 26

My top 4 free agent signings for the Redskins this offseason:

1) Rodger Saffold - 5 years/23 million, 18 million guaranteed

2) Donald Butler - 4 years/16 million, 10 million guaranteed

3) Linval Joseph - 4 years/15 million, 10 million guaranteed

4) Malcolm Jenkins - 3 years/15 million, 11 million guaranteed