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Fantasy Football Players to Start or Sit: Week 17

Sean Patterson continues the "Start or Sit" segment and offers advice for Fantasy Football players on who should be in their line-ups week 17.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Hello fantasy players! Happy Holidays! So, most of you are more than likely done with your fantasy football leagues. For those of you who have wacky two-week playoff structures or have awful league managers, I am here to help. Since it is Christmas Eve as I write this, I am not going to get in depth with my starts or sits this week. I will be available on twitter (@Spatters91) and in the comments section for advice with specific questions you have.

Remember, if you are ever having some issues with your line-ups, like who to start between a guy you drafted high with a bad match-up and an ok player with a great match-up, I always go with the better player. Teams are playing for the playoffs in the NFL right now and the great ones tend to step up. So if you are stuck between two guys, remember the guy you drafted high and is a stud. On that note, happy holidays everyone! Good luck in the last week of fantasy football. But as fantasy football closes out, it is time for my favorite kind of football in the world: NFL Playoff Football.

Guys to Start:

-Peyton Manning

-Broncos Wide Receivers and Tight End (Peyton will want space in that record)

-Pierre Garcon (Because he is a monster)

- Zac Stacy (Rules do not apply to him)

-Rashad Jennings (Good match-up and a QB that has not played in a while)

-Tony Gonzalez (It is his last game, start him)

Guys to Sit:

-Russell Wilson (Wow, this guy has been awful)

-Reggie Bush (Stupid fumbler)

-Lamar Miller (Terrible run offense)

-Hakeem Nicks (Is he still even in NY?)

-Antonio Gates (Terrible match-up, but it is the Chiefs. Start him if the Chiefs put in back up guys)

Important Note:

The Chiefs have nothing to play for, be careful with those guys. Everyone else in the playoff race has something to play for and bad teams will play for pride.