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Redskins vs Giants - A Tale of Two Halves

A Tale of Two Halves

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

For all the Robert Griffin III doubters out there, please go re-watch the Redskins Sunday night game against the Giants, and you will see a true tale of two completely different halves.

Many members of the media and Redskins fans alike have critized the young quarterback this season, saying he shouldn't be playing because of the injury, wasn't good in the pocket, couldn't read a defense, locked on to his first receiver, and was always looking to run.

The first half of the Giants game Sunday Night showed us these accusations were not true.

The Redskins offensive line held the Giants defensive line in check for most of the first half, doing something they haven't done all season - give Griffin a clean pocket in which to operate. All the second year player did was look almost perfect, finishing the half 12-13 for 149 yards and a touchdown, and running seven times for 53 yards. He looked calm, cool and collective in the pocket, was able to step into his throws, used his eyes to shift the defense, was accurate, and went through his progressions like a 10 year vet.

Did he somehow magically just pick this up over the last six days? The answer is a resounding no. He's had it the entire time, however, this was the first game where the offensive line didn't allow tremendous pressure for at least one half. When the Giants did blitz, amazingly they were picked up by the Redskins front five. When receivers somehow got open, Griffin found them. When receivers were not open, Griffin checked it down, or ran for positive yardage.

Then, just as fast as it came in the first half, the Redskins line went back to being the Redskins line in the second half.

Tyler Polumbus was beaten like a drum by Justin Tuck. Chester, Monty and Licht gave up pressure through the middle, and the Redskins offense went back to being the pedestrian unit we have seen throughout the season.

Receivers dropped passes, defenders hit our quarterback - heck, Tuck, who came into the game with just two sacks on the season, doubled that number in just one game, and Griffin lost his swagger.

But throughout all of this, I have to ask, was the problems that plagued this team all season mainly the fault of our second year quarterback, or was it the suspect play of the offensive line, who yet again reared its ugly head in the second half?

Griffin finished the game 24-32 for 207 yards and a touchdown. Remember, he was 12-13 for 149 yards and a touchdown in the first half. Redskins receivers and tight ends had five dropped passes, and one fumble in the second half. Griffin also rushed for 88 yards on 12 attempts. 53 of those yards came in the first half.

If you re-watch both halves of this game, I think you'll get your answer.

I know where my vote goes. I'll let you make up your own mind.