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Redskins v. Cowboys: Reasons to watch

2013 is terrible, from a Redskins perspective. Here's why you shouldn't let that stop you from watching the game on Sunday.

Larry French

Last week, as Kirk Cousins' pass to Pierre Garcon on the two-point conversion fell incomplete, two things ran through my head. The first was that I still liked the decision to go for it, mostly because of the second thing going through my head, which was that none of it mattered.

I hate feeling that way about the Redskins. It's terribly depressing, and I don't blame anyone for not wanting to watch these last two games of the season.

But you're going to anyway, because as I've noted before, everyone reading this still cares about this organization for one reason or another. So, to make watching the game on Sunday a little less painful, I've compiled a list of reasons why this particular game still matters and should be given your full attention.


A Redskins victory over the boys from Dallas wouldn't completely eliminate them from playoff contention, but it would give the Eagles a chance to lock up the division Sunday night against Chicago, and the Cowboys mathematically can't reach a wild card spot. After all of the hell that the Redskins and their fans have been through in 2013, a chance to eliminate "America's Team" (I may or may not have vomited just typing that heinous, loathsome phrase) for the second year in a row is an opportunity that should be relished. Plus, the thought of Tony Romo possibly throwing another late pick to seal the victory for Washington is too enticing to pass up. I'd watch the game for this reason alone.

London Fletcher's last game at FedEx Field

Earlier this week, Fletch announced that 2013 would in all likelihood be his final season. Even if it is coming one year too late, he was always the epitome of leadership and toughness during his time in Washington, and in my opinion, should one day be immortalized in Canton, OH. Sunday will no doubt be an emotional game for Fletcher, and he will definitely give it all he's got one last time for the fans. He's given this town seven years of nothing but passion and hard work, as well as mostly exceptional play. Tuning in to watch him take on our rival one last time is the least he deserves.

The curious case of Captain Kirk (and his trade value)

No matter what side you're on in the seemingly eternal Kirk Cousins v. RGIII debate, it's obvious that the offense against Atlanta looked sharper than it has in some time, probably since the game against Chicago earlier this season. Sure, both interceptions were brutal throws (and even worse decisions), but overall Cousins played well, and that only helped to raise his trade value for this offseason. The Cowboys pass defense is even worse than Atlanta's (it's actually the worst in the league, allowing 297.4 yards/game), so Kirk should be in for another big game through the air. If he plays well, who knows? Maybe a 2nd rounder isn't totally out of the question (looking at you, Houston or Minnesota).

Alfred Morris

The guy never fails to give every single play his all. I've actually been more impressed with AlMo this season than I was last, because despite running behind as putrid an offensive line as Washington has put together in some time, and lacking the explosive threat RGIII was in 2012, he is still 5th in the league in rushing with 1,125 yards, and is averaging 4.8 YPC. In a year like this one, Morris is a shining star, and deserves to be given some attention, both by talking heads on TV and by fans' eyeballs. Simply, he is just really fun to watch run the football.

*** Thus ends the list of serious football reasons to watch the game. Below is a list of dumb, pettifogging reasons to watch, but reasons nonetheless ***

- Last chance (probably) for the Shanaclan to get booed at home!

- Last chance (most definitely) for Jim Haslett and Keith Burns to get booed at home!

- Maybe you're a football masochist?

- They'll probably show Dan Snyder looking sad a few times, that's always fun.

- They'll show Jerry Jones looking like a Walking Dead extra, which is also fun.

- Fantasy football playoffs!

- No Joe Buck/Troy Aikman on the call (It's Kevin Burkhart/John Lynch, for those interested).

- I mean, what else are you gonna do on a Sunday afternoon? Converse with your family? I don't think so.

- Play this Redskins drinking game! (If you're 21, of course, which I am uh . . . not).

So, what do you guys think? Will you be watching on Sunday? Vote below.

Also, feel free to create your own Redskins drinking game in the comments.