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Hazard's Huddle: Brian Orakpo vs. Atlanta Falcons (2nd Half)

An All-22 film breakdown of Brian Orakpo's performance vs. Atlanta Falcons (2nd half)

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

We've already reviewed Brian Orakpo's performance in the first half vs. Falcons (if you missed it, you can find it HERE). Let's take a look at the second half.


ATL is going from an empty backfield set here. Orakpo is in man coverage on the FB in the slot.


Orakpo plays inside technique but when they make contact, Brian gives up the inside.


Matt Ryan delivers the ball in a small window and Orakpo is all over it. I wonder if the boys are going to rag him about giving up an In-route to a FB.


Orakpo is rushing on this play. Tony Gonzalez is going to run a simple drag route. EJ Biggers is going to press Gonzalez here.


When Biggers presses Gonzalez, it knocks Tony's feet into Orakpo's causing both players to fall.


The LT lays on Orakpo until Orakpo notices that Matt Ryan has to roll out of the pocket. Then Orakpo powers up.


Orakpo heads straight for Ryan who avoids sack ironically by throwing to Gonzalez, who originally tripped.


ATL is going to run a play-action bootleg here. Orakpo is going to be rushing from your left.


Orakpo gets a good jump off the snap and uses a good rip move here to finish passing the LT.


The LT has no choice but to get desperate here. Orakpo draws the clipping penalty.


Here's another pass play from ATL. Orakpo is going to start on his usual speed rush to the outside.


But when the LT over-sets for that, Orakpo uses a swim move to get back to the inside. A counter-move?


Rak gets a hold of Ryan's jersey and doesn't let go. He ends up splitting a sack with Jarvis Jenkins.


ATL is running a zone right. Orakpo lined up on the left of their formation.


Tony Gonzalez tries to block Orakpo here but that just isn't what he's best used for anymore. Rak slices past him and into the backfield with relative ease.


Rak catches the RB from behind and is in on the tackle with a host of others.


Last play on the Orakpo review. He's going to drop into coverage here.


Orakpo uses a real lazy jam on Gonzalez. Should have re-routed him more as Gonzalez ends up being wide open. Ryan just doesn't see it.


Ryan Kerrigan is bringing the heat in the pocket and Ryan has to dump it off to Jacquizz Rodgers who is entering Orakpo's zone.


Orakpo drops him to the turf for only a gain of 2 yards.

With each passing week, it seems like Orakpo is elevating his play. With elevating his play, he is elevating his worth. So it all boils down to, what do you do with Brian Orakpo this off-season?